Essential Dos and Don’ts of Listing Photos

Listing Photos Dos and Don’ts

Put yourself in the shoes of a homebuyer. What’s the one thing that you must have before you buy a place? Proof that it exists. That’s why it’s time to introduce your home to potential buyers by listing as many appealing pictures as possible! You certainly don’t want to include every single square inch of your property, so here are the Massey Team’s dos and don’ts of listing photos.

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Welcome Spring with These 13 Essential Home Maintenance Tips

spring home maintenance

Once again, our long winter slumbers are over. It’s time to get up, throw back the curtains, and welcome in the sunshine! Before you bask in all that vitamin D Mother Nature’s throwing our way, though, you’ve got some chores to do around the house. Here are the 13 essential spring home maintenance tips you should accomplish before you really celebrate the new season:

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