Top 5 Renovations That Add Value to Your Home

Why do we renovate our homes? Is it because we want to keep up with modern trends, or perhaps some of our more functional home areas aren’t that functional anymore? Many people decide to renovate their home because they want to increase their home’s value, so when it comes time to sell, they’re selling it for more than they bought it for. To do this, you have to be strategic on which projects you decide to undertake. You see, each project will have a return on investment or ROI. That ROI is how much you increase your home’s value. So, which renovations will get you the most bang for your buck? Keep reading for the top five renovations that add value to your home.

Install A New Garage Door

On average, a new 16- by 7-foot garage door costs about $3,907 and has a 93.8% ROI. That means you’re increasing the total value of your home by about $3,663. Now, this is dependent on certain circumstances. Is your garage door outdated and/or damaged? Then replacing it could be an excellent move for you. For many people, the garage door is a focal point on the face of the house. By improving the appearance of your garage door, you’re also improving your overall curb appeal. If your door is dented and outdated, it’s going to drag the rest of your home down with it.

Build A Wooden Deck

The average cost of a new wooden deck is about $10,000. Multiple studies have estimated that the ROI for patios and decks can exceed 100% based on the size, materials used, labor costs, and geographic location. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs. Value Report from 2007 found that adding a wooden deck is the most cost-effective home improvement project for a mid-range home. As mentioned, geographic location plays a significant role in how high your ROI will be. If your home’s location is in a warmer climate, you’re going to get more out of your investment. You can also drastically increase your ROI by reducing labor costs, and in terms of pure home resale value, wooden decks provide the best ROI. However, you must maintain your wooden deck to keep its high ROI.

Complete A Minor Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can cost anywhere between $4,500 and $60,000. To save money, you’re going to need to go with some cheaper alternatives and do some of the labor yourself, like painting or demo, but it is possible to keep your kitchen remodel in a reasonable range. The national average cost for a kitchen remodel is $25,500. This investment may be worth it because about 80% of buyers consider a newly updated kitchen an influencing factor in selecting and valuing a property. The standard ROI for a mid-range kitchen remodel is 50% and 60%. If you opt for a minor kitchen upgrade, the estimated ROI increases from 75% to 80%. For example, if you spend around $24,000, your ROI is between $16,800 and $19,200. Your geographic location also plays a role in how high your ROI will be. For instance, if your home is in the Pacific region, your expected ROI is 93%. However, the national average lies around 68%. Important kitchen updates that add value to your home include:

  • Cabinet refacing and refinishing
  • Update your countertops
  • Add a modern tile backsplash
  • Invest in new kitchen appliances
  • Install new kitchen light fixtures
  • Install a new kitchen sink and faucet

Siding Replacement

This home improvement project can add significant curb appeal, thus, increasing the overall value of your home. Siding has two main jobs: looking beautiful and acting as a protective barrier for your house. Damaged or old siding can lead to deterioration of walls, mold, issues with your home’s structural integrity, and high energy costs. The two main types of siding you can choose from are vinyl and fiber cement.

Vinyl is one of the most common siding options. Many people choose it because it’s cheaper to install and comes in many different colors. The average ROI for vinyl siding replacement is about 75%. However, you should know that vinyl siding is vulnerable to cracking, and once a panel is damaged, it must be replaced, not repaired.

Fiber cement siding is a good choice if you are looking for a durable wood alternative. This is a step up from vinyl. That means it will be more expensive, but it may be worth it with an average ROI of 83%. While this versatile material is fire resistant and protects against pests, remember, it will cost more and tend to hold onto moisture.

Replace Carpet with Hardwood

Hardwood is a clean, classy, and elegant flooring option that, when done right, can help boost your home’s value. When most people see hardwoods, their eyes light up. However, achieving a high ROI when replacing your carpet with hardwood floors depends on how the hardwoods match the rest of the house. You don’t want the floors to make the room look small or narrow, and the décor and other design elements throughout the house should complement the hardwood floors. If done right, you should expect an ROI of about 75%.

Are These Renovations Right for You?

When renovating your home, you should always think about your ROI.  These renovations are perfect for people looking to boost their home’s value. However, just because these projects have the potential to yield a high ROI doesn’t mean you have to do them. Maybe your garage door is already in tip-top shape and doesn’t have to be replaced. Or perhaps you already have a wooden deck, in which case you must maintain it to keep the current value of your home. In any case, look at this list of possible avenues you can explore when it comes time to get your home ready to sell.

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Home Office Design Trends of 2022

With more people working from home than ever before, we’re seeing quite the resurgence in the home office. People are overusing their closet, dining room table, or the corner of their bedroom as a makeshift office—those who can are finding a dedicated space where they can be productive all day long. People are getting creative with their spaces, from large desks to accent chairs that take away that corporate feel. Keep reading to learn more about the home office design trends of 2022.

Large Desks

No, we aren’t talking about the hulking piece of wood that used to be the center of everyone’s office, but we are talking about something that provides enough space. As people come to terms with the fact that they’ll likely be working from home for the foreseeable future, they realize they need a space that can handle all their work. No longer should you delegate yourself to a writer’s desk with only your laptop in hand. Find a spacious desk that matches your style and allows you to spread out. You should be able to use a desktop computer and any other electronics or supplies you need to be successful. These larger desks will help you stay organized and make you feel more in control of your space.

Room to Relax

Working from home can be an all-consuming activity. You can sit down and work for hours without realizing it. Or you don’t realize it until you’ve got that crick in your neck that just won’t go away. That’s a sign that it’s time for a break, but where do you go? What if your partner works in the other part of your home, or your kids are attending online school? For this reason, many people are finding spaces large enough to handle a small sofa or a couple of comfy accent chairs. That way, when you need a few minutes to decompress in between phone calls or meetings, you have a dedicated area where you know you won’t be disturbed.

These sofas and chairs are also a great way to include your style into the room. Find something colorful that brightens your day or look for something classic that’ll never go out of style. Rounded furniture and curved edges are very in right now and fabrics that please the senses, like velvet. Or perhaps you want to go with something that reminds you of nature? A light-colored linen piece(s) with wooden hardware will leave you feeling calm and collected, ready for the workday.

Unique Touches

Whether through furniture, a statement wall, or an eye-catching rug, people are looking for unique pieces that make their space feel more personal rather than corporate. Now, you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many trinkets like clocks or fake plants. All those things can get quite distracting when you should be trying to focus on the work at hand. In 2022, designers are seeing more people incorporate colors like pastel blue and rose gold into their spaces. These light colors work well in a work environment because they keep the room feeling airy and bright. This is especially helpful if you don’t get a ton of natural sunlight in your office.

Hide Your Gadgets and Chargers

In this fast-paced world, all we ever want is to ensure everything we need to get the job done is available and accessible. A prime example of this is wireless chargers, which you can incorporate in natural ways that add to rather than distract from your décor style. And after a long day of work, people are looking for a way to hide their office materials. Integrated laptop drawers and outlet covers help you create a multi-purpose room, which is very in now. It’s these touches, mixed things like sofas or accent chairs, bookcases, art, and other personal details that help you turn your home office into a library or lounge in a matter of seconds.

Easy Exercise Equipment

Now, more than ever, it’s essential that keep ourselves moving from time to time. We’re no longer gaining the benefit that comes with the daily commute. For many of us these days, it only takes a few steps to get to the office, and odds are we aren’t moving around during the day. For some people, it’s as simple as going for a walk during their lunch break. But, if you find yourself struggling to get in your daily steps or sitting more than you’re standing, incorporating certain exercise equipment in a room you visit five to seven days of the week may be just the reminder you need to stay active.

You might be thinking that exercise equipment may be too bulky to fit into a home office. However, exercise equipment options can accommodate even the smallest of spaces. Many companies have come out with compact, sleek stationary bikes that can fit into any corner. Mirror home workout systems have also hit the mainstream in 2022, which can fit seamlessly into your design. However, the yoga mat is perhaps the most versatile yet straightforward exercise equipment you can use in your home office. A yoga mat can fit just about anywhere, and when you’re not using it, storing it is as simple as rolling it up and placing it in a cabinet or basket to keep it out of sight.

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