5 Important Questions to Ask After a Home Inspection

home inspection.jpeg

It’s finally happening. You’ve found the home of your dreams, and the seller has accepted your offer. What’s next on the list? Before you begin celebrating and daydreaming about decorating your future home, you’ll need an inspector to check out the property. After all, an inspection can reveal the faults of a home, especially the ones that aren’t so obvious – which may change the tint on your rose-colored glasses a bit.

Inspections may sound intimidating, but they don’t have to be, especially if you ask the right questions. Here are 5 things you should be sure to ask during and after a home inspection:

Can You Explain This to Me?

There will probably be some parts of the report that you won’t understand completely. That’s completely normal, but make sure you get some clarification from the inspector. Review the report carefully when you receive it, write down any questions you may have, and give your inspector a call!

Is This a Big Problem?

No house is perfect. Your inspector is bound to find at least some faults; most of them should be minor, but there may be a few significant issues he or she will come across. Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher which issues are grave and which aren’t worth the stress, but your inspector can shed some light on the situation.

Should I Call an Expert to Look at This?

Your inspector is great at spotting current and future problems, but they’re more than likely not qualified to make home repairs. Ask if they think you should ask an expert to examine the issue further.

Is This Issue Normal?

Whether it’s an odd water spot on the ceiling, a missing shingle, a crack in the exterior, or something entirely different, it’s normal to question which problems are normal. Don’t be afraid to ask if the issues your inspector finds are ordinary. What they may say could put your mind at ease!

What Concerns You the Most About This Property?

When the inspection is over, you should get a general idea of the issues that were found. Take this opportunity to ask your inspector what he or she thinks are the house’s biggest problems. Your goal is to leave the inspection with a solid idea of which issues should be addressed first, whether by an expert or the seller.

Inspections can be scary, and so can buying a home by yourself. It doesn’t have to be with The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started today.


7 Easy Ways Beginners Can Attract Birds to the Yard

how to attract birds to your backyardIt may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to prepare for spring! We know that spring is here when our days are filled with soft rains, the brilliant yellows and oranges of cheerful daffodils, and the happy chirping of neighborhood birds. If you’ve enjoyed watching birds nearby, maybe you wish you could get them to hop on over to your yard and stay a while. Does this sound like you? If you’re a beginner at birding, read our 7 tips to help you easily win over birds and keep them coming back!

Try a Variety of Feeders – If you have one bird feeder out in your yard, you’re on the right track. But if you want to attract the greatest variety of birds, try using different styles of feeders. Your basic hopper feeder is a great way to start, especially since it can hold a variety of seeds and provide birds with a place to perch. Feeding tables, cages, and mesh feeders are good choices and can serve a wide range of birds as well.

Provide a Smorgasbord of Food – Much like humans, birds enjoy eating a variety of food. Don’t just rely on one type – serve up a buffet for your feathered friends! Set out black-oil sunflower seeds on a tray or tube, place suet in a cage, offer nectar for hummingbirds, or stuff unshelled peanuts in a mesh feeder for those pretty blue jays. We suggest choosing husk-free seeds for a tidier yard! Oh, and if you’re not squeamish and want to make a difference during breeding and fledgling season, set out live mealworms.

Choose Quality Bird Food – It’s so tempting to head to your local grocer or hardware store to pick up a 50-pound bag for a couple of bucks. The problem with this is these mixes are often filled with filler seed that wild birds won’t eat. Before buying, always check the bags to see which ingredients are included. You’ll want to avoid bags that are filled with milo, wheat, or oats. Get the most out of your money by finding quality seed at a local bird supply store like Wild Birds Unlimited!

Keep Squirrels at Bay – These furry critters can damage your feeders or can even deter birds from landing and enjoying a snack. To keep squirrels out and away, try using cage feeders or feeders with a baffle. You can also use weight-sensitive bird feeders to keep food in and squirrels out.

Keep Feeders and Tables Clean – As more and more birds begin to flock to your feeders, dangerous bacteria can build up, which can be fatal to birds. Protect your feathered friends by thoroughly cleaning your feeders with a 10% bleach solution and a sturdy scrub brush. Make the chore easier by keeping your cleaning supplies in a designated feeder-cleaning bucket.

Provide Fresh, Clean Water – Birds love bathing in and drinking cool, clean water. Setting out a shallow birdbath can help meet this need. Just make sure that you change the water every few days and clean the bath every couple of weeks. This will keep deadly bacteria at bay and will also prevent the bath from becoming a breeding pond for mosquitoes.

Give Them Shelter – If you’ve ever spent time bird watching at all, you’ve probably noticed that these little guys are tentative and shy. They usually don’t like eating in the open or in the snow or rain (and who could blame them?). Make them feel safe and secure with shelter of some sort. Nest boxes and native trees and shrubs work great. Just make sure that these birds will be protected from nearby predators like neighborhood cats.

When it comes down to it, attracting birds to your yard is all about providing for their most basic needs – and having some patience to boot. Follow these tips above, sit back, and enjoy the gradual influx of birds that will begin choosing your yard as their own little oasis.

10 Factors That Could Lower Your Home’s Value

factors that could lower home valueIt’s no secret that your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. It makes perfect sense that you want to do everything you can to keep it looking as nice as possible. However, there are some factors or updates you may make that can actually lower your property’s value. From an undesirable location to particular interior updates, certain elements can scare potential sellers away from signing the contract.

Here are 10 surprising factors that could hurt your home’s value (and what you can do to fix it):

An Undesirable Location

You’ve probably heard the real estate agent’s famous mantra when it comes to buying or selling a home: “location, location, location.” If your home is situated within an undesirable school district, in a neighborhood with several foreclosures, near eyesores like power lines or billboards, or close to areas of noise pollution (the interstate, trains, an airport, etc.), then you may have a harder time selling your home.

High-End Upgrades

Renovating or updating your home can be a very exciting time for you as a homeowner; however, your upgrades may not be what a buyer wants. High-end appliances, exotic gardens, and upscale bathrooms can oddly enough be big turnoffs to would-be buyers. When updating your home, it’s best to stick to something middle-of-the-road.

Interior Design Choices

We know you love your electric blue home office or your patterned wallpaper adorning your bathroom. Buyers, however, may not share your tastes. If you want to make selling your home easier, we suggest choosing neutral paint colors, which really let the room itself speak for itself. This also applies to exterior color choices.

Swimming Pool

Thinking of installing a swimming pool this summer? You might want to reconsider if you plan on moving at all. While pools can certainly be fun, they can also be quite a lot of maintenance. Besides, unless you live in a neighborhood that has a pool in every backyard, you more than likely won’t see a great ROI with this investment.

Bad Neighbors

The people you live next to are typically courteous individuals and families that watch your home when you’re on vacation, shoot the breeze with you when you’re doing yard work, or invite you over for a fun barbecue dinner during the summer. Sometimes, though, our neighbors can be problematic, which could be challenging when trying to sell your home. Loud neighbors or those who don’t maintain their property can make buyers think twice about living in your neighborhood.

Poorly Laid-Out Floor Plan

Your home doesn’t need to have a completely open floor plan for it to sell, but the rooms and flow should make sense. If your rooms feel too fragmented or the floor plan doesn’t seem right, you can talk with an architect about how you can make your space feel more open by combining rooms or knocking down non load-bearing walls.

A Lack of Natural Light

Sunlight makes a home feel larger, happier, friendlier, and more inviting. It also helps put us in a more positive mood overall. Some homes, however, are not blessed with a voluminous amount of natural light. If this sounds like your home, don’t worry – there are many easy updates you could make to let the light in. Consider adding French doors, a skylight, or a few extra windows to amp up the cheerful feeling!

Lack of Protected Parking

It’s safe to say that just about everyone has a motorized vehicle that needs protecting, especially during extreme or stormy weather. That’s where garages or carports come in handy. If your home doesn’t have one, you could have a harder time selling it. If you do but you’ve been itching to turn it into a weight room or bedroom, you might want to think twice – garages are typically high on buyers’ must-have lists.

Ghosts or Unexplained Activity

Whether you’re a believer or not, ghosts (or rumors of supernatural occurrences) in your home can scare away potential buyers. According to a survey from Realtor.com, only 8% of people reported that they would pay full-market price for a haunted home!

Poor Flooring Choices

Perhaps scarier than ghosts is a shocking red carpet in your master bedroom, dated brown linoleum in the kitchen, or any kind of carpet whatsoever in the bathroom. If a home’s flooring is undesirable to a buyer, they may walk away quickly from the deal. Fortunately, this can be fixed! Consider replacing any worn or older flooring with modern wood or an easy-to-clean carpet.

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7 Lessons Homeowners Can Learn from Marie Kondo

lessons homeowners can learn from Marie Kondo

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo by now, then you’re missing out. Based on her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this series features 8 feel-good episodes of real-life people organizing their homes and lives with Kondo’s help.

The idea is simple: you keep the objects that spark joy in your life and discard those that don’t. How do you accomplish such a feat? Kondo suggests that we tackle our belongings by category, starting with clothing, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and, finally, sentimental items like photos and family heirlooms. This method, called the KonMari method, has taken the world by storm and has inspired countless of homeowners to reassess their belongings and create joyful, decluttered environments.

Here are our favorite takeaways from Marie Kondo and her tidying-up method:

Sort Through Categories, Not Rooms – Have you ever found yourself starting to declutter your home office or spare bedroom only to feel overwhelmed and stop? Take it from Marie Kondo herself – tackle categories, not rooms. For example, place every book you own in one room and sort through them there. You’ll be more likely to complete the work at hand this way.

Decluttering Makes Us Happier – It’s no secret that clutter can make us feel more anxious and overwhelmed. Fortunately, even the simple act of picking things up and putting them away can greatly improve our mood. Take it one step further with the KonMari method and intentionally surround yourself with the things that only give you happiness.

Respect What You Have – It’s difficult to truly care for your belongings when everything is piled haphazardly on the floor. Kondo suggests considering our belongings’ feelings throughout the process. Would your favorite shirts feel happy being carelessly shoved into the dresser? Probably not. When you start thinking of your things this way, you come to really appreciate what you have.

Guilt Should Never Dictate What You Keep – As you go through the decluttering process, you will stumble across items that make you feel guilty. Maybe it’s a cute dress you bought on clearance but never wore because it didn’t fit you (or suit your personality). If you’re holding on to items out of obligation, then you probably aren’t feeling joy. Never let guilt be a good reason to make you hold onto unwanted objects. Remember, decluttering is about bringing you joy, not pain!

Decluttering Feels Awesome – While your life might first be turned upside down as you organize all the clutter, you’re going to feel fantastic once you get rid of the things you don’t want or need. Clearing out the clutter will help you feel more productive and more organized, which will make you feel insanely good.

You’ll See Your House Anew – For those looking for a new home, decluttering is a great way to showcase your house. Looking to stay? Streamlining your possessions will help you see your home in a new light and will help you fall head-over-heels in love with it again!

It’s an Ongoing Process (and That’s Okay) – Decluttering isn’t just an action – it’s a lifestyle. You’ll never be done organizing and paring down what you have, and that’s okay! To make it a habit, you’ll have to keep yourself in check and minimize splurges at the store. Don’t worry, though – this gets easier in time!

What do you think about the KonMari method? Have you watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

5 Mood-Lifting Ideas for a Cozier Winter Home

cozy winter homeWinter’s the time of year when the sun goes down earlier and the chilly air causes you to go home, find a warm blanket, sit by the fireplace, or drink hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. People enjoy being cozy during this season. Though all these examples can be helpful, do you still find yourself missing the way sunshine makes you feel? Below are five mood-lifting ideas that are sure to make for a cozier winter home.

Layers Keep You Toasty

When it comes to bedding, there’s almost nothing cozier than sleeping underneath the combination of a sheet, quilt, and comforter. You will instantly feel warm and snug, especially if you break out the flannel. Layer the floor with rugs and your couches with throw covers, too! Who says you can’t nap in places other than your bed?

Colors Brighten Your Mood

Paint, decorate, or furnish using different color schemes. Warm and cool colors alike can add that curl-up-in-bed-with-a-good-book feeling to your home. Shades of red, white, or yellow will instantly brighten up any room. Greens, grays, and blues will help calm the mind, so your bedroom would be the perfect start.

Lighting Makes Your Home Glow

When the sun’s not shining, bring the sunlight to you by incorporating lights around your home. Introduce a subtle glow using methods of indirect lighting like false ceilings, moldings, or simply just by adding lampshades. LED lights work well to illuminate the room.

Book Nooks Inspire Adventure

Books have the ability to take our minds on an adventure wherever we find ourselves. With that in mind, why keep your collection out of sight? Display your prized pieces of fiction and nonfiction on a wooden bookshelf near your favorite spot to read or near the window.

Houseplants Minimize Stress

According to NBC, houseplants can minimize stress and improve your state of mind. Place a few around your household including the kitchen and living room. Don’t forget to water your new friends!

Can’t quite get that cozy feeling you’re looking for in your current home? The experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties can help! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 or get started by checking out our listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

6 Simple Ways to Bring Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 into Your Home

living coral

Are you ready for the all-new Color of the Year? If you’ve been keeping up with Pantone’s annual color selections, you’ll probably remember 2018’s Ultra Violet, 2017’s Greenery, and 2016’s Rose Quartz. Get ready for something completely different – Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral!

This beautiful shade of orangey peach was chosen for its sociable and lively nature. Warm, comforting, and lively, Living Coral fuses our natural surroundings with modern life. According to Pantone, they selected Living Coral as a response to the continuous onslaught of social media and digital technology, calling for a more authentic and meaningful interaction with the world around us.

Welcoming this playful color into your home this year doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Here are 6 easy ways you can incorporate it in your décor:

Look for the Light – Start by seeing which rooms in your home don’t receive much light. Brighten them up this year with a little bit of Living Coral! This shade’s warm undertones will make any room look cheerier (and larger!).

Pair It Up – We understand if you don’t want to paint an entire room Living Coral. Instead, look to the handy color wheel to find your ideal color pairs. Greens and blues are on the opposite side of the wheel for 2019’s Color of the Year. Evoke a Western desert scene with emerald or hunter green, or escape to the sea by pairing it with a dramatic Prussian blue and cream.

Think Accents – A little goes a long way, so accessorize away in this vibrant new hue! Throw accent pillows in Living Coral on your sofa or your patio furniture during the warmer months. Add a beautiful coral rug to your dining room or serve guests with teacups in this year’s color. And of course, if you want to go a bit bigger, create an accent wall with a solid Living Coral paint job or a playful patterned wallpaper!

Add Some Velvet – Yep, you read that correctly. Velvet fabrics are trendy and also work wonders in softening this bright color. Give your velvet furnishings a more modern, edgier look with metallic finishes, which always go great with Living Coral!

Get Back to Nature – Rejoice, green thumbs everywhere! Plants of all shapes, colors, and sizes go great with 2019’s Color of the Year. Group an array of gorgeous indoor plants together in front of a Living Coral accent wall to give your décor that pop you’re looking for. Oh, and if you aren’t exactly good with plants, no worries – cacti, rubber plants, and even the ever-hardy philodendron will work perfectly!

Keep It Neutral – For a warm, earthy look, pair Living Coral with cool white, cream, light umber, or even a paler shade of peach! This color scheme will give your décor an updated yet effortlessly classy look.

If you’re looking for a new home that makes you feel as effervescent and light-hearted as Living Coral, look no further. The experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties can help! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 or check out our listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

8 Tips to Help You Host a Stress-Free Holiday Party

stress-free holiday party

It’s the most stressful time of the year?

From gift-giving and party-going to visiting with people you maybe see a handful of times a year, it’s no wonder why most people are seeking peace on Earth during the holidays. This is especially true if you’re planning on hosting a holiday party. Hosting can be taxing in itself, but add another layer with all the hall-decking and festivities, and it can become downright hectic.

This doesn’t have to be you. Host your holiday party without the stress with these 8 handy tips!

Make a List – Lists are lifesavers. Start making them now to help preserve your sanity and keep your holiday spirit intact! Nail down a timeline of all the tasks you need to complete and the food you need to purchase. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your family members or friends to make it all come together!

Stock Up on Snacks – Everyone loves snacks, so be sure to have plenty on hand! We suggest loading your pantries with a variety of crackers, chips, and cookies. Nuts are also a great choice. Mix your favorites in a small bowl for everyone to enjoy! Keep it on the healthy side by serving up fresh fruits, veggies, and slices of cheese.

Start Cookin’ – Take it from us – do as much as you can right now to avoid extra stress! Stews and soups can be made ahead of time and feed several people. Quiches, tarts, and rolls can also be kept in the freezer until it’s party time.

Quench Their Thirst – Good hosts know to keep a wide range of drinks on hand for their guests to enjoy. Aside from keeping your fridge stocked with soda and mixers, try to have a variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available. Don’t forget the sugar, creamer, and marshmallows!

Crank Up the Tunes – Create a playlist of your favorite holiday songs and play it throughout your home to keep everyone in a joyous spirit! Just remember to keep it at a low enough level that people can converse.

Keep It Cozy – Hosting a casual holiday party? Try a buffet! They’re efficient and offer guests a variety of foods to try and savor. If you can, situate the food on a table or surface that guests can access from all sides so no one has to wait in line for long. Oh, and don’t worry about a seating chart. Just let your guests sit wherever they like around the table!

Spruce Up the Guest Room – Even if no one is planning on staying the night, it’s always wise to make sure your spare room is straightened up just in case. You never know when the weather might turn nasty or if a friend needs a place for a quick nap. Besides, it’s always nice to offer a place to stay for any out-of-town visitors after the party!

Ready Some Disposable Containers – If you don’t want to keep the food you’ve made, there’s no need to toss it out. Purchase and wash a set of plastic food containers and divvy up your leftovers for your guests! They will appreciate the extra food in the busy days to come. Make sure that you send them home with containers you won’t want back to keep the stress low!

Have you always wanted to host holiday parties but don’t have the space for it? Worry not – The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties can help you find the perfect home for you! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started or check out our listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

8 Smart Tips to Keep Holiday Decorating Safe

holiday decorating safety tips

No matter what you’re celebrating this holiday season, there’s just something special about putting up decorations. The trouble is that you don’t want to get so caught up in the merriment that you put your safety at risk. If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you know just how hazardous holiday decorating can be to your health!

Before you go decking the halls or adding a superfluous amount of lights to your roof, be sure to check out this handy list (and maybe check it twice) to keep you and your loved ones safe when you’re decorating:

Take Extra Precautions with Live Trees – There’s nothing like that fresh pine smell to put you in the holiday spirit. Even though live trees can make a fun, temporary addition to your home, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Place your tree away from heat sources. Live trees are incredibly flammable, so they should stay far away from heaters and fireplaces. Also, ensure that you water it frequently. A dried out tree can go up in flames much more quickly than a hydrated one, so be sure to check the water level daily.

Check the Label First – Want to just stick to a fake tree? There’s nothing wrong with that! Before you buy one, however, you’ll want to see if the tree is fire resistant. Nearly all trees are, but it’s always wise to check first before making the purchase!

Reach New Heights as a Team – If you’re itching to string up lights outside or hang garland or mistletoe just a little higher this year, don’t go it alone! Have a friend or family member help you. Make sure he or she is supporting the base of the ladder and that it’s on even ground. Also, be sure to keep your cellphone with you, just in case something happens that results you in being stranded on top of the roof with no ladder (or no one) to reach you.

Keep an Eye on Those Candles – The small burning flames can really help us feel cozy and at-home; however, they should be enjoyed under supervision. Keep your candles on a sturdy base so there’s little risk of tipping, and never leave it unattended. Don’t place candles on or near a Christmas tree or other flammable decorations, and remember to extinguish them before you leave home or head off to dream about sugarplum fairies.

Examine the Lights – Before you go through all the trouble of stringing up the lights, go through and check for any frayed wires, broken bulbs, and loose connections. There’s nothing more soul crushing than taking hours out of your day to hang up lights that wind up malfunctioning! Besides, it can be a fire hazard. If you come across any issues, throw the lights out and update them with newer ones.

Be Kind to Your Circuit Breakers – All of us have a breaking point, including our hardworking circuit breakers. Don’t overtax these unsung heroes of the holidays! Adding too many lights or electronic devices to them can pose a greater risk for fire and surges, which is a present that no one wants.

Try Unbreakable Ornaments – If you don’t want to recreate the Home Alone scene where Marv painfully walks through Kevin McCallister’s living room barefoot on breakable ornaments, you might want to avoid using fragile ornaments. If that’s out of the question or if you want to display a few older glass ornaments, make sure that they’re out of the reach of curious children and pets.

Shut It Down for the Night – As tempting as it is to leave your tree and outdoor lights on for all the neighbors to admire at night, it’s smart to turn off everything before you head to bed. This will help you avoid experiencing a short or an electrical issue, which helps decrease your chances of having a house fire.

If the perfect home is still at the top of your wish list, we can help make it a reality without asking old Kris Kringle for help! Just call your friends at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298. Get a head-start by viewing our listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

6 Easy Ways You Can Give Your Home More Personality

ways to give your home more personalityThe homes in our neighborhood can say quite a bit about the people who inhabit them. The neat and tidy façade of the ranch next door may suggest that the owners are classy, detail-oriented, and take great care of their home. The bright blue door of the bungalow across the street may indicate a sense of playfulness and adventure. Oh, and that lake house tucked away from it all with the pool and beautiful gardens? We’re willing to bet that homeowner loves being outside (and maybe hosting some fun parties!).

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to give your home that bit of charm you want! Here are 6 easy, cost-effective ways you can make your home shine:

Paint the Front Door – What’s one of the first things you notice about a home? The front door! Take a look at your home’s exterior and landscaping to determine which color suits the door best (and brings out your personality). Bright colors like cerulean, mint green, and vermillion can show visitors that you’re fun and adventurous. Darker colors like plum or even black can show off your style and class. You have countless options to choose from, so select the best for you!

Add Artwork You Like – Life’s too short to hang works of art you don’t like in your home. Find pieces that fit you and your home to adorn your walls such as a fun painting you found on vacation or a work from your favorite artist. If you’re artistic, display some of the pieces you created for all to see!

Update a Fixture – Do you enjoy cooking? Treat yourself to a modern looking faucet or a sleek appliance. Do you find yourself spending most of your time writing or sketching in your spare room? Update the lamps or overhead fan to something whimsical with good lighting. There are several types of fixtures out there with a variety of features, and they’re usually very easy to install yourself!

Embrace Pops of Color – The colors you choose throughout your home can really show off your personality. Find ways to combine your favorite colors with your furniture with paint. Even something as simple as mixing various throw pillows is a great way to introduce more character into the space!

Customize Your Hardware – Even minor changes can make a big difference! Switch out your older furnishings with ornate drawer pulls and stylish outlet covers. You can find just about any style possible at your local hardware stores or craft fairs.

Display Your Travels – What better way to bask in your vacation memories than by decorating with them? Turn a decorative box or a cabinet into a collage of photos and phrases that defined your favorite trip. Adorn a bookshelf with a classy vase filled with sand from your favorite beach. Display seasonal fruit in a bowl you picked up from your journeys. You’ll add unique décor and be able to relive your travels at the same time.

If your current home doesn’t fit your personality or lifestyle, then it might be time to look for your new dream home. Let the Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties lend a hand! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 or check out our listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

Get Out and Vote This Tuesday!

Get Out and Vote!

Election Day is almost here – have you registered to vote yet on (or before) November 6? There’s still time to get out there and be more involved in your local community this year!

Not sure where you can vote? You can find your nearest polling place on Madison County’s website. Here are all of the polling locations in Madison County at a quick glance:

Edwardsville – Madison County Administration Building at 157 N. Main St.
– Alton Law Enforcement Center at 1700 E. Broadway
Granite City
– Township Building at 2060B Delmar Ave.
– Willow Room at Morris University Center
– Bethalto Village Hall at 213 N. Prairie St.
– Collinsville Senior Citizens Center at 420 E. Main St.
Godfrey – Lewis & Clark College: Ahlemeyer Atrium at the Trimpe Advanced Technology Center
– Latzer Memorial Public Library at 1001 9th St.
– Madison Fire Station at 1800 3rd St.
– Troy City Hall at 116 E. Market St.
Wood River
– Township Hall at 33 S. 9th St. in East Alton

Before you cast your vote, remember to read up on all of the candidates and what they stand for! You can find plenty of information online, including www.ballotready.org and also in the Belleville News-Democrat.

After you vote, don’t forget to sport your “I Voted!” sticker. Post a selfie on social media for everyone to see. You never know – you really could influence your friends and family to get out and vote as well!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you’re registered to vote and make your voice heard in the ballots this November!