The 4 Colors of 2020 and How You Can Use Them in Your Home

Colors of 2020Ready or not, 2020 is here. This year marks the beginning of a new decade, which means now is the time to seize opportunities, chase your dreams, and make your mark. Of course, Pantone and other companies have selected a variety of colors to encapsulate the new year. Here are the 4 different Colors of the Year and how you can use them in your home:

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue

After the vibrant and social “Living Coral” from 2019, Pantone decided to return to the rich, timeless hue of Classic Blue to help us usher in a new era on stable grounds. Calming and evoking the imagery of a twilit sky, this shade of blue is soothing and works well in the home. Paint your entire bedroom (or perhaps an accent wall) in this shade to help get a good night’s sleep. Or take smaller steps by adding Classic Blue plates to the cupboards, soft blue towels in the bathroom, or a lush blue throw on the bed in the guest bedroom.

If you’re looking for other colors to pair with Classic Blue, the possibilities are nearly endless – it just depends on the feel you want! For a crisp, clean feel, white and accents in gold will work wonders. Tone down the blue a bit with soft pinks, off white, and light gray. Live boldly with a brilliant hue of golden yellow or orange. Oh, and if you’re a big fan of blue, we’ve got great news for you – Classic Blue goes great with other shades of blue and can add depth and interest to any room!

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year: First Light

If you’re looking for something a little different, try Benjamin Moore’s “First Light,” a soft, sophisticated, rosy pink that you’re sure to see as the year progresses. Encapsulating a secure, comforting feeling in the home, this color can be used in nearly any room – even as a neutral. Brighten up your living room and welcome in the light with a beautiful First Light accent wall. If you don’t want to completely embrace the hue, add a statement piece like a teakettle to your kitchen or update an older piece of furniture. Refresh your bedding with a soft pink quilt or throw pillows for a quick update, or add a touch of light to your ceiling by painting it in First Light!

As for complementary colors, First Light plays well with others. Pair it with bright white, grays of any shade, and gold for a modern look. Nearly the entire spectrum of blue also works well with this color of the year, and darker tones of wood provide a beautiful contrast. For an earthy feel, give hunter green a shot with First Light!

Behr’s Color of the Year: Back to Nature

If you’re looking for an invitation to reengage with the natural world around you, look no further than “Back to Nature,” a muted shade of green that emphasizes the outdoors and simplicity of life. Green is very trendy right now, especially in home décor, so now’s as good a time as any to embrace it! Besides, surrounding yourself with elements of nature has been shown to relieve stress, promote serenity, and increase your creativity. Try using this calming shade of green on your mantel or in a small space to make it feel larger. It also makes for a great neutral in the laundry room, bedroom, or bathroom!

Back to Nature pairs well with many colors, especially earthy tones like browns, beiges, and other shades of green. Reflect the world around you and bring the outside in by adding in a few soft blue elements and adding a plant or two!

Sherwin Williams’s Color of the Year: Naval

Feeling bold this year? Allow us to introduce “Naval,” Sherwin Williams’s pick for 2020. A departure from the natural world, this rich, dramatic shade of blue is a show-stopping trendsetter. More akin to the striking color of Pantone’s “Ultraviolet” from 2018, Naval effortlessly marries our desire for luxuriant color with our need for a relaxing sanctuary. Add accent pillows in navy to your favorite armchair, set the table with naval dishware and serving trays, or adorn your walls with naval canvases with positive messages. Feeling adventurous? Go all out and paint your favorite room in Naval!

This timeless, relaxing shade of blue can be muted with soft pastels and muted patterns or made more interesting with a pop of orange or mustard yellow. However, one of our favorite ways to use navy blue is coupling it with white. This winning combination works wonders in creating a streamlined, elegant, and relaxing retreat!

Which Color of the Year is your favorite this year? How will you use it your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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