The 9 Benefits of Houseplants in Your Home

benefits of houseplantsDecorating your house is a very fun and personal task. What works for some may not work for others, and everyone has different tastes and styles. There is one thing that works for practically every home, functioning decoratively and efficiently – houseplants.

Houseplants are more than just simple greenery – they’re living organisms that improve the quality of your life and interact with your mind, body, spirit, and even your home as well!

Check out these 9 benefits to having houseplants grace your home!

Remove Airborne Contaminants Naturally – Want a way to get rid of nasty airborne contaminants with little cost? Grab a few houseplants! They can help remove pollutants including VOCs, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air, contaminants that have been known to cause headaches, nausea, and other ailments.

Kick That Headache – Put down the painkillers! Plants can help you put an end to your headaches. Filling your house with lovely houseplants can help decrease or even eliminate the headaches you experience. Because they cleanse the air, you will be less likely to inhale the stale, stuffy air that can sometimes contribute to headaches!

Protect Yourself Better Against Colds – No need to arm yourself with tissues and cold medicine! Because plants have a tendency of increasing the humidity levels in your home (and reducing dust), cold-related illnesses can be reduced by more than 30%!

Feel Happier With a Houseplant – Houseplants can also make you feel better mentally! Caring for a living thing like a houseplant can curb depression and loneliness, and it can even make you feel calmer and more optimistic. In fact, studies have shown that patients in the hospital recovered more quickly when they had a garden view in their room as opposed to just a wall. Find a cute little plant that makes you smile every time you see it to boost your happiness – we suggest the Polka-Dot Plant (Hypoestes), the Red Anne (Fittonia), or even Purple Passion (Gynura) for starters!

Lower Your Blood Pressure – Speaking of keeping calm, plants are wonderful for lowering your blood pressure! Many plants are known to reduce the stress you feel and make you feel more calm and at ease. So keep calm and buy a houseplant!

Clear Out the CO2! Plants and humans make great partners when it comes to breathing! Plants will take in the carbon dioxide we breathe, use it to “breathe” themselves, and give off fresh oxygen. The result is less drowsiness and cleaner air!

Improve Your Brain – Not feeling creative? Feeling really grouchy lately? Potted plants and flowers in your home can help improve your mood, inspire you to be creative, and give a boost to your brain!

Get Rid of Congestion Naturally – Many plants, especially eucalyptus, can help clear up phlegm and congestion in your system. In fact, the eucalyptus plant can be found in many congestion remedies! Get a step ahead of the game and place a little eucalyptus plant in your home to help reduce the congestion you might experience.

Sleep Better With Houseplants – Who needs sleeping medicine when you have houseplants? While many plants rest at night, there are several plants that will give off oxygen while you sleep, such as the gerbera daisy. Fill a vase full of these plants in your bedroom in order to improve your sleeping cycle!

Before you run out to grab a cartful of houseplants, keep in mind that in order to have success with any houseplant you will need to find the right plant for the proper growing conditions. For instance, a cactus would love to be in a lot of light and have little water, but an English ivy plant would enjoy a partially lit, moist bathroom to grow in.

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10 Easy Ways to Say “Welcome to Our Home!” With Your Foyer

creating an inviting entrywayYou’ve probably heard it said, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is most apparent when someone steps into your home for the first time.  The foyer, or entryway, of your home says more about you and your personality than you may realize.

A glance at your foyer will give your guests an idea of what to expect throughout the rest of your home.  Is it artistic, playful, hauntingly dark, or bright and cheerful? What’s your style?  This tiny area can speak volumes about you since the foyer is the bridge from your public life leading directly into your private domain.

This unique space is the initial introduction to your home, but is often an overlooked space when decorating. To the guest it should say, “You are welcome here.  We’re glad to see you,” and the message that everyone receives should be, “There’s no place like home, specifically this home.”

Here are a 10 ways you can create a welcoming foyer regardless of the size of the entryway you’re working with.

·      Ensure that the door can open fully.

·      Place a floor runner at the entrance into your house.  This will direct the guest into the house.

·      Hang some of your favorite artwork.

·      Paint the walls interesting color combinations.

·      Hang groupings of photographs to help direct the eye into the house.

·      Make sure the space has ample lighting.

·      Place an unusual item on display as a great conversation starter.

·      Display a flower arrangement or plant to make the space seem alive and welcoming.

·      If there is enough space, a signature piece of furniture, chair and table with a lamp, or other decorative piece, can fill in an alcove beneath a staircase.

·      Place a decorative mirror in the foyer space to give the illusion of a larger area. Plus, people love to see themselves in a mirror!

When decorating your foyer, imagine yourself as a guest walking in for the first time.  How do you feel in the space?  Are you intrigued and want to step further into the home? That is how the foyer should make you feel.  Create a welcoming space that reflects who you are and makes your guests happy to be there.  Additionally, a great foyer should make you happy to be home.

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