6 Ways to Decorate Seasonally (Without Going Overboard)

how to decorate seasonally without going overboardWhen your favorite season arrives, you just want to celebrate. As a homeowner, that usually involves decorating with timely, themed pieces strategically placed around your space. But how much is too much? How can your tell if your zeal is getting a little out of hand? Check out our tips below to help you decorate tastefully for your favorite times of the year!

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How to Maintain These 8 Household Appliances (and Make Them Last)

major appliance maintenance tipsOur many household appliances work hard every day to make our lives easier. These unsung heroes of the home help us clean our clothes, cook our food, preserve fresh ingredients, and keep us comfortable throughout the four seasons. We should strive to take the best care of them, especially if we want to keep them around for the long haul. Here are the 8 major appliances you need to pay attention to – and what you need to do to maintain them.

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