5 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Home Inspection

reasons for home inspectionsThere’s no doubt about it – purchasing a home is probably going to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. The whole process of purchasing a home, while exciting and rewarding, can be stressful. After all, you will be dealing with contract negotiations, mortgage loans, and taking care of a heaping mountain of paperwork. So why would we ever put on getting a home inspection as another thing on your home-buying to-do list?

You might feel that having a home inspection done on the house you’re looking to buy is just a waste of time since you’ve seen what it looks like inside and out, but it’s one of the most important things you can do in the home buying process. If you’re investing a huge sum of money in a place you’ll be living in for some time, the last thing you’ll need to deal with now and later is an unforeseen problem that could’ve been identified by a professional before you even move in.

Not convinced still? Here are 5 great reasons why you should get that home you love checked out by a professional!

Home Inspections Make Your Confident – Every home has its own secrets. Maybe there’s hidden water damage in a corner. Maybe mice tend to have a penchant for sneaking into the crawl space. A thorough inspection by a professional will not only reveal these dark secrets, but it will also give you more confidence in the property that you’re purchasing. Wouldn’t you feel a lot better if the home you were about to buy for a pretty penny turned out to have few or no flaws? We thought so.

You Can Get More Negotiations – An inspection will most certainly help in justifying the selling price of a home. If all is well and maintained, then the higher price is appropriate. However, if there are more problems than pros, a lower price could easily be suggested and negotiated.

You Get the Details – Would you rather purchase and live in a home that you sort of know about, or would you rather do the same to a home that you know inside and out? You chose the latter, right? Well, a home inspection can help you achieve that goal! A professional will offer a detailed analysis of the home’s condition and other major systems inside such as the furnace and air conditioning, plumbing, and even the roof!

Inspections Can Protect Your Health – One of the best ways to ensure that your health will remain intact in your new home is by getting a home inspection. A professional performing the inspection will alert you of any safety concerns or potential health threats that exist on the property. For example, a professional home inspector will be able to detect any potential mold in the home, if the home was built with asbestos, or even if the previous owner used lead-based paint on the walls. Exposure to any of these hazards can deteriorate your health in time, so be sure to get an inspection!

Inspections Help Solidify Any Future Plans – Thinking of expanding your home later on after a few years? Want to add some fun features to it? An inspection is a great tool for future planning, especially if you’re purchasing a home in need of upgrades! A detailed inspection will show you the life expectancy of the large features of the home such as the furnace, roof, air conditioner, and even some of the larger appliances so you can plan when they will need to be replaced. You will also be informed of any zoning laws or local codes pertaining to fence laws, deck building, and so on.

If you’re ready to find the home of your dreams or if you’re in need of a great professional home inspector, then you’ve come to the right place! We can help you find that home and can also direct you to a number of fantastic professional home inspectors to help you through! Just visit us online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com or call us at 618-791-5024 or at 618-791-9298, and we’ll help you out every step of the way!


11 Quick and Easy Tasks to Do to Help Sell Your Home in No Time!

how to sell your home quicklyYou want to sell your home, and you have vacuumed the place, straightened up the pictures, and lit a few candles. So selling your home should be a snap, right?

Not necessarily!

Just simple cleaning won’t help you sell your home. Some home buyers will be turned off by the way your yard appears or the bright colors on your walls. Their minds will wander or they will immediately assume that your house isn’t right for them, even though you know that they are just missing the real potential in your home.

Don’t make potential home buyers struggle to see that potential. Help them out by making these 11 easy changes to your home before putting it on the market!

Beautify Your Lawn – Before putting your home on the market, make sure to mow the lawn and give it a nice trim. Also, to help your lawn look more full and richer, use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer! You should see a healthier, greener lawn in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Replace Your Mailbox – Has your mailbox seen better days? Does it look worn out and rusty? Go ahead and replace it to amp up your curb appeal! But a clean, good-looking new mailbox, Future home buyers will notice and appreciate it!

Clear Out Your Junk – Do you live in a cluttered home? Clean it out before you let potential home buyers see it! Dedicate yourself to clearing out the clutter on your counters, floors, and even your closets as clutter can be incredibly distracting and quite a turn-off for buyers. Without the clutter, home buyers can more easily imagine themselves and their families living in your space, and your home will also look the space look bigger!

Love Your Lights – Lighting is essential in selling a home. If your home has dingy or outdated lighting, spend a little extra money to splurge on some good lighting! A few different lamps or even a new but inexpensive chandelier can work wonders on lighting up your rooms. If you can’t afford extra lighting or don’t have much time on your hands, work at cleaning and shining up the fixtures you do have.

Go Neutral – You might be in love with that electric blue in your bedroom or that deep, rich red in your dining room, but your potential home buyers might not be! If you want to be serious about selling your home, purchase some white, off-white, or other neutral colors and paint your walls before putting your home on the market. The neutral colors will add light and make your rooms look bigger, and they won’t distract home buyers from the real beauty of your home!

Pay Attention to Details – Details matter when it comes to selling your home! Take the time now to replace your switch plate covers, which you can do for as little as 50 cents apiece, replace the drawer pulls in your kitchen for stylish new pulls, and ensure that your appliances in your kitchen work and look nice. Have extra time on your hands and feeling adventurous? Go ahead and give those old kitchen cabinets a sleek white paint job!

Get Down and Dirty – Selling your home isn’t always easy! Make it easier on yourself by taking the time to regrout your bathroom and redo your tub. It will give the bathroom a fresher look and will make it look extra put-together and squeaky-clean. Entice the buyer even more by springing for a new high-performance showerhead, which you can find for as little as $20. They’ll never want to leave!

Add a Tile Backsplash – Want to make your kitchen pop? Add a backsplash to help make it look hip and modern! You’ll just need a utility knife to help with the installation and the tiles themselves to get the job done. For an easy and cheap option, try out the ACP Peel & Stick Tiles!

Liven Up the Basement – If you have a basement, make some use out of it besides storage! Put away the junk and hide your storage boxes at a family member’s house, and give the place a fresh paint job! This could help buyers envision using your basement for their own hobbies.

Clean, Clean, Clean – And we don’t just mean lightly dusting or vacuuming the “big stuff.” We mean a deep clean! Scrub every square inch of your home, even those hard-to-reach spots. If you have carpets, get them steamed, and make sure all of your surfaces are wiped and clean, including (and especially) your windows. Remember, clean windows will actually let more light in your home!

Make Your Front Door More Welcoming – Is your door white and boring? Are you falling asleep just looking at it? Does it just blend in with your home’s exterior? Do something about it! Find a vibrant, clean color that will help make your door pop out! Go for the classic red to invite potential buyers to your front door, choose a sagacious green, or have fun with a bright and perky blue to attract a home buyer’s eye. This will do wonders to increase your home’s curb appeal on the market!

Ready to sell your home? Made all these small changes to your home? Then pick up the phone and give us a call at (618) 791-5024 or at (618) 791-9298, or visit us online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com! We can help you sell your home in no time and even help you find that home you’ve always been dreaming of living in. Call today!