7 Essential Tips to Help You Determine Where You Should Live

where should you live?Thinking about living in your dream location can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to actually figuring out the best place for you to live in, it can be a daunting task. After all, you really shouldn’t just choose a location on a whim or only because you think it’s pretty. You really need to consider several different things when it comes to selecting a location or area to live in, especially when it comes to your personality and your lifestyle.

Here are 7 things you need to consider when you’re looking for your dream location!

Brush Up on the Crime Rate – No one wants to live in a high crime area, so crime maps for your current or potential city can be a good way to weed out the areas you’ll want to avoid. Don’t get too wrapped up on the fact that an area you like had a car break-in last month. Crime will happen in even the best of neighborhoods. Just make sure the rate is low enough that you’ll feel safe and confident walking around outside.

Assess the Amenities – An area’s amenities might make or break the neighborhood for you. Some neighborhoods offer free or extremely discounted memberships to pools, gyms, recreational centers, and more. Others have parks that host local bands and artists throughout the summer months. There’s even the occasional neighborhood that pays a special tax to get more police presence that statistically leads to a safer, more secure neighborhood. Be sure to include any amenities that are important to you on your checklist when you’re looking around!

Measure the Commute – How far away is the neighborhood from work? How about from your family and friends? How will rush hour traffic affect your commute? These are all important issues to think about before you select a place to live. If you’re hoping for a short commute, try living somewhere close to your job. If you prefer peace and quiet and don’t mind the commute, a more rural community might be right for you!

Know the Neighborhood – Get to know the culture of the neighborhood to see how your lifestyle will mesh with your neighbors’. You don’t want to move next door to someone having parties until 2:00 in the morning if you have to wake up by 6:00 to get ready for work. Conversely, you might not be thrilled with your neighbors complaining about you being too loud when you have your friends over for a party.

Know Your Future Plans – Don’t just think of the present when you’re choosing the area you want to live in. Think about your future plans. Consider where you’d like to be in 5 years. Do you still want to be in your current neighborhood? Will you want to enroll in college? Do you want a job that will involve a lot of travel? Do you want to be close to family? These are all questions that could have an impact on both the area you choose and whether you go for buying a house or renting an apartment.

Take a Stroll – A picture might say a thousand words, but the experience is worth much more. Instead of just walking through the house you’re interested in, or worse, relying on pictures online, get out in your potential neighborhood and walk around. How do you feel walking around? How close are you to shops and restaurants? Are people spending time outside? Can you find any parks or other recreational facilities nearby? Don’t choose a house or neighborhood before you get your own feel for the area. You’d be surprised how many questions a 30-minute walk can answer!

Talk to the Locals – If you’re able to get in contact with people who already live in the area, they could be one of your best resources for questions about the area. Ask them how they like it, any concerns that have been prevalent in the neighborhood lately, how long they’ve lived there, their favorite aspects of the neighborhood, anything you can think of. They’re likely to give you unbiased answers – plus a sneak peak and how friendly your potential neighbors are.

If you’re not too sure where to live, why not check out Edwardsville, Illinois and the surrounding areas? There are plenty of things to do year-round, and the great city of St. Louis is just 20 miles away! We’ve even compiled a list of reasons why Edwardsville is definitely the place to be. Be sure to check out our many great listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com to get all the info on your next dream home!

7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Live in Edwardsville!

reasons to live in edwardsville, illinoisEveryone wants to live in a good town. Somewhere safe, secure, socially alive, and full of opportunities typically qualifies any place on the globe as a good place to live in many people’s books. So often we have to choose a location that doesn’t have it all. Usually, we choose to live the city life with little privacy but great opportunity and social activities, or we elect for the country life in which there’s plenty of space to spread out but not a lot to do.

Did you know that there’s a wonderful little city in Illinois that has all that you could be looking for and more? Of course, this gem of a city has probably been under our noses the whole time. That city is, of course, Edwardsville!

Read the 7 reasons below to see why Edwardsville is THE best place for young families (and pretty much everyone else) in Illinois to live!

It’s Close to the City – If you want to live in a place with a small-town feel yet close to the city, then this is definitely the place for you! Edwardsville is less than 30 minutes away from downtown St. Louis and is very close to the St. Louis International Airport. Only minutes away from shopping, countless job opportunities, major sporting events, and so much more, you’ll never run out of great things to do!

Get a Good Education Here – Quality educational systems always make a location that much sweeter to live in. From kindergarten to high school all the way through the university level, Edwardsville features excellent quality of education in both private and public schools with near-perfect ratings. With Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and Lewis and Clark Community College nearby, getting a good education for a negotiable price has never been easier than in Edwardsville!

Diverse Housing Options Are Aplenty – No matter what your housing needs are, Edwardsville has it all! Ranging from new home construction to grand historic structures along mature, tree-lined streets to apartments, you can easily find affordable housing to suit all of your housing needs.

Business Is Booming – It’s common for people to want to live where the jobs are, but oftentimes that isn’t very likely anymore. A good majority of the jobs lie within larger cities, but living in the city can prove to be expensive. In Edwardsville, you can live in a great home AND have an array of available, diverse, and skilled workforces at hand. With the growth rate up in the city, finding a good job only minutes away from where you live is much more possible in Edwardsville!

Transportation Is Never a Problem – Bordered by 3 major interstates, Edwardsville offers fantastic and easy access to all areas of the nation and incredibly easy access to the city of St. Louis. The city of Edwardsville also features a progressive public and recreational transportation system, which includes a hub and spoke mass transit system with bike racks and WiFi on buses, and much, much more! Bicyclists will also find a way around with the city’s multiple connections to the county’s 100-mile interconnected bike trail system!

The City is Rich in History – Did you know that Edwardsville is the 3rd oldest city in the state of Illinois? Incorporated in 1818, it is a city rich in history, a land that even Abraham Lincoln visited – TWICE. The region around Edwardsville is also rich in history and gorgeous geography, many tales of lore and legend, and countless ghost stories. With nearly every corner you turn, you’ll find something new and exciting to learn about the city and the region around it!

Live In an Award-Winning City – Have you heard the fantastic news? Edwardsville has recently been named the #1 City For Young Families in Illinois! This was determined from three essential aspects of a good city – good public schools, affordability of living, and if the town is growing and prospering. Edwardsville was the city that dominated the list of requirements and became the best city in Illinois for young couples to live in! Also notable is the fact that the city was ranked by Family Circle Magazine as one of the 2010 Top Ten Towns and Cities for Families.

(Oh, and in case you’re curious, the other 9 places named in the list include O’Fallon, Charleston, Grayslake, New Lenox, Geneva, Huntley, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, and Orland Park, respectively.)

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