Is Your House Haunted? 7 Spooky Home Happenings Debunked!

is your house haunted?Halloween is just around the corner, and your mind is probably geared toward spooky ghosts, shambling zombies, and lots of other creepy things. You might be prepping for the holiday by watching a whole weeklong marathon of scary movies, which is all fine and dandy… until the lights go out. Suddenly, you hear a lot of strange noises and see shadow figures. Things that you can’t immediately explain occur in your home, and you’re two seconds away from calling an exorcist.

Don’t pick up the phone just yet! Check out these 7 spooky home happenings and see how you can easily debunk them (and fix your home to stop those things from occurring again)!

Things are going “bump” in the night – Are you hearing spooky noises in your home at night? Does it sound like there’s a monster prowling around upstairs, ready to strike? Hearing seemingly unexplained noises in your home could be enough to scare anybody. Truthfully, however, you could be hearing the many materials that make up your home expand and contract throughout the night, making audible pops – this is very common during the fall when warm days give way to cooler nights. So next time you hear a random “pop!” remember that it’s probably just your house settling!

My lights turn on and off for no reason – One night, you might be sitting down, watching your favorite show after a hard day’s work when the lights go off and suddenly come back on with no warning. You might wonder if Dracula is behind you turning the lights on and off, but more than likely, your home might have faulty wiring. Remember also that if bad storms are going through the area that you could experience a whole-house power surge, which sometimes causes lights to turn on and off by themselves. When in doubt, call an electrician!

I have a plague of pests in my home – Are you suddenly seeing an influx of spiders or other critters? Are wasps mysteriously congregating in your basement or attic all of a sudden? It could be a plague from another world, or your home could have cracks in your foundation or simply poor insulation. Check your insulation and foundation to see if there are any holes that need to be patched or if there are any areas that need attention.

I smell weird odors – Do you smell cigarette smoke out of the blue even though no one in your home smokes? Maybe you experience an unexpected whiff of perfume that you’ve never smelled before or a strange smell of sulfur. It could be a deceased relative dropping by to say hello, or it could very well be real hidden odors playing with your mind. Wet fiberglass, which is hidden behind your walls, can carry and give off those musty, strange smells, and any dead rodents that are hidden within your home’s structure can also give off foul odors. You might want to check your gas lines and connections as well. While natural gas is odorless and colorless, natural gas suppliers can add a foul-smelling odor to alert you of any leaks. This smell is like sulfur – rotten eggs.

The television turns itself on and off for no reason – It’s like a scene out of a horror movie. You go downstairs to do your laundry in silence when out of nowhere your television turns itself on for no reason! Casper might be trying to turn the game on, but more than likely this is probably another case of faulty wiring. Your television set could also have a defective switch or a loose circuit connection, which is a serious fire hazard. Disconnect your television until you can get the problem solved!

I think I found some cold spots – Cold spots are a classic sign that a ghost is trying to manifest itself to the living, but there are many other explanations as to why you might be experiencing cold spots in your home. Air leaks, typically from inadequate insulation inside the home, are a very common cause of cold spots showing up in your home. To know if you have a draft problem, try holding a lit candle carefully to your windows, doors, and walls. If the flame blows sideways when it’s held to these fixtures and walls, then air is seeping in and out of these locations in your home. Fix the drafts with a combination of insulation, weather stripping, and caulk, and you should eradicate the issue!

My doors and cabinets open on their own – If your drawers, doors, and cabinets open all on their own, you might be on the set of “Paranormal Activity,” or you could just have low relative humidity in your home. When drier air is present in a house, the wood inside shrinks, which can cause drawers, cabinets, and doors to open all on their own! Try leaving your bathroom door open when you take a shower in the winter – it can help raise the humidity levels in your home. You can also try investing in a good humidifier to help balance the air quality and suck out the moisture that lingers in your home. Your doors and cabinets should stay shut after these fixes! If not, you might want to call the Ghostbusters!

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