Going on Vacation? The 9 Tasks You Must Do Before Leaving

things to do before leaving for vacationVacations are fun to embark upon, especially when you’re taking your friends, family or loved ones along for the ride. You’ll not only see beautiful scenery and experience new things, but you’ll also be given time to recharge away from work and the daily grind.

Sadly, you can’t just pack your bags and run. You must take care of some very important tasks before you drive off into the sunset, otherwise you might come back feeling more stressed out and strapped for cash than you did before you left! Check out our list below of the 9 essential tasks you NEED to do before leaving for vacation!

*Stop The Mail – Before you leave, make sure you tell the post office to temporarily stop your mail, that way it won’t be left in a huge pile in your mailbox! Piles and piles of mail can also attract thieves to your home. If nothing else, you can ask a close friend or relative to take care of your mail while you’re out.

*Tell the RIGHT People About Your Trip – Taking a vacation is a very exciting event, and while you might want to shout out to everyone, online or in the real world, where you’re going and when, it’s a good idea to refrain from doing so. You never know who could hear the news and take advantage of your absence. Be sure to simply tell trust friends and family where you’re going and when so they can contact you in case of emergencies. Also, be sure to keep your emergency contacts up to date in case there’s an emergency on YOUR end while you’re gone!

*Pay the Bills – “Why do I need to pay the bills? I have so many other things to do!” you ask. Oh, trust us – you’ll thank us when you come home! When you pay your bills, you’ll feel more relaxed on vacation, and you won’t have to come home to any outstanding bills … or having your water or power shut off.

*Check Out the Fridge – Before you go, make sure that you don’t have any perishables in your fridge that will spoil while you’re out. You might also wish to turn up the fridge’s temperature a few degrees so you can help save a bit more money on your energy bill.

*Take Care of Your Plants – Don’t just take care of your house – take care of the living things inside (and outside) your home, too! Be sure to water your plants with plenty of water before you take off, and move them in the appropriate amount of light if you can so they won’t wither while you’re on vacation.

*Crank Up the A/C! No one will be around to enjoy the cool air conditioning, so why not turn it up a few degrees? You can save money and energy when you do this, and you can also take out some of the extra moisture in your home so you’ll discourage the growth of mold!

*Put Your Lights on a Timer – You should make sure that all of your lights are off before you leave, of course. But consider putting only a few lights on a timer to switch on and off at various times while the other lights remain off. Timers can help steer any possible intruders and thieves away from your temporarily vacant home.

*Unplug Your Electronics – Doing so will not only save you some more money on your power bill, but it will also help in avoiding any potential damage that could occur in the event of a power surge occurring while you’re gone! Feel free to unplug small appliances, too.

*Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Last but not least, be sure to get enough shut-eye before you leave for vacation (yes, even if you’re extremely excited about the trip). After all, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving while drowsy is a contributing factor in 100,000 accidents every year. So get everything done beforehand and get to bed earlier so you can get the sleep that you need!

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