8 Items You Need To Help Make Moving Easier

essential moving itemsMoving is one of the most stressful and arduous tasks that we undertake. It’s a sweaty endeavor that taxes our bodies and minds, and you probably will wind up wondering when all the packing and unpacking and moving will all be done and if you will ever survive the ordeal.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of 8 fantastic, ordinary little items to help you move during your next moving adventure! Get these items because you’ll learn quickly that you won’t ever, EVER want to move without them again!

Sharpie – Yes, a simple Sharpie is on our list! While other markers will do the job just fine in marking and labeling your items, they certainly won’t last after being dragged across the coarse texture of those moving boxes. Sharpies, on the other hand, will not only last through the labeling processes but they will also be around later to help you label your burned discs and anything else whenever you’re settled in your new home!

Tape Gun – Right up there with the Sharpie is the tape gun! It might not be a big deal to duct tape your boxes if you had, say, under 10 boxes, but if that number exceeds 10 (and it most likely will!), you will definitely want a tape gun! You will never have to search for the edge of the tape ever again when you have a tape gun, and you will never have to tear packing tape with your teeth!

Box Knife – You have tools to help you pack up, so you’ll definitely want tools to help you get unpacked after you settle in your new home! A box knife or an Exact-o knife is the perfect route to go! You won’t have to worry about digging your nails into the boxes and trying to rip up the preexisting tape! If you have a box knife in hand, you’ll find opening boxes is a quick and easy task!

Blankets – No, these aren’t for snuggling up in this time! If you happen to be moving farther away than just a few blocks, you will want an older blanket that you don’t quite care about in your moving truck so your favorite pieces of furniture won’t get damaged or scratched on the way to your new home. Once you move with blankets in tow, you’ll never want to move without them! Such a simple thing can save your expensive furniture from so much damage!

Furniture Dolly – Speaking of furniture, one simple tool will save your back and your muscles a lot of grief. That’s right, we’re talking about a good ol’ fashioned dolly! Dollies will make moving large, bulky items like couches, deep freezers, and even a giant stack of boxes or books much, much easier. Trust us, your back will thank you!

Rope – You really can’t get away with moving without tying things down! Even if you don’t wind up tying things on top of your car or truck, tying items down can still be very handy to help hold down tarps or section parts off your moving truck to keep things more secure, so don’t forget the rope the next time you move!

Plastic Wrap – All you’ll need is simple, regular wrap from your local big box retailer! Use the plastic wrap to wrap shelving units and other items to help keep them safe from harm. Plastic wrap works like a charm and even helps stabilize your items so that they don’t tip over in the moving truck!

Walkie-Talkies – We know, we know. You have a smartphone, so why on Earth would you need a walkie-talkie? When you’re moving and lifting furniture and preoccupied with the events of the day, you more than likely won’t hear your ring tones or feel the vibrations of your cell phone, and you definitely won’t hear the bleeps and pings of text messages. Walkie-talkies, which ALWAYS have reception, are relatively hard to not hear, and you’ll feel like a kid again using a walkie-talkie on a special mission!

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