9 Tips to Throwing the Perfect Housewarming Party

how to throw housewarming partyWhether it’s across the street, across town, or to another city entirely, moving is an exciting time in one’s life! After you find the home of your dreams, you will want to move as soon as possible, put your things inside, and decorate it the way you like it.

Of course, you will want to show your brand new home off to your friends as soon as you can! That’s when it’s time to organize the perfect housewarming party for you and your friends to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

Here are 9 tips to help you throw a great housewarming party with little stress!

Plan Ahead – When it comes to something big like a housewarming party, it’s smart to give people plenty of notice in advance so they can come to your party, especially in the summertime. Giving 2 to 3 weeks of notice should do just fine. Choose a day and time that will work the best for most, especially if there’s a long travel time involved. Remember to put out a sign and some balloons in your front yard for your friends and family to see easily from the road!

Keep the Weather in Mind – Be sure to check the weather forecast a day or so before the party and plan accordingly. You wouldn’t want to have an outdoor party if the forecast calls for rain. Additionally, if you live in a warm climate, consider hosting your party outside. That could help minimize any stress or pressure you feel in making your new home look “perfect.”

Unpack As Much As Possible – Your things don’t need to be completely put away, but boxes should be in their appropriate rooms, at least. Since your guests will more than likely be hanging around your living room, dining room, and kitchen, try to make sure that these boxes are unpacked before any others.

Choose Food Wisely – Food can be quite messy sometimes, so be sure to choose something that is easy to eat and makes the least amount of mess. Finger is a safe bet when it comes to housewarming parties, so try to have food like sandwiches, chips and dips, cookies, sliced fresh veggie sand fruits, kebabs, and meat and cheese trays on hand for your party. Not only are these foods easy to eat, but they also won’t leave a mess on your furniture!

Remember the Details – You don’t have to go all out at your party, but small details here and there can make a big difference. Fresh flowers, easy snacks, and a few lit candles will make a world of difference without having you to do much work at all. Be sure also to keep one table clear to store and display any gifts that your guests may give you.

Show Off Your Home – Your friends and family will be stoked to see your new place, so plan on giving a quick tour of the space. If you haven’t fully unpacked your things, don’t worry – no one’s going to mind a few boxes here and there in your home. Take them through the place and tell them your plans on what you’ll be doing with each room, what color of paint you will choose, and how you will decorate it.

Keep It Simple – Don’t worry about making your party or your house perfect. Your guests know that you recently moved, so they’re aware that not everything will be put together and, believe us, they’re fine with it! Instead of stressing over fancy decorations and getting your best dishware ready, opt for cute paper plates and cocktail napkins and fresh flowers.

Have a Few Activities – Give your guests some entertainment options. If you have your party outside, try implementing some fun outdoor games like Frisbee, beanbag toss, washers, or ladder golf. If you’re inside, set up some fun board games or group-friendly video games at certain stations so your guests can mingle from activity to activity.

Send ‘Em Home With Favors – Thank your guests for coming to your party with a simple favor. A small bag of candy works perfectly fine as a favor. Be sure to give your guests a card or printout with your new address and contact information so they can stay updated!

If you’re looking for more housewarming party ideas or are in search of that perfect home for you, we can help! Just call us at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 or visit us online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com to get started right away.

7 Easy Tips to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party

throwing outdoor partySummer is the perfect time of the year to go outside and enjoy the outdoors with some of your closest friends! This typically calls for the ol’ traditional backyard parties, complete with delicious food, awesome friends, and good times.

If you’ve never thrown an outdoor party, it might seem a bit daunting to try go get everything organized and together for a memorable party. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 7 easy tips to help ensure that your backyard is the summer hotspot of the season! Check out our tips below!

Give ‘Em a Specialty Dish or Drink – Want an easy way to create some excitement at your outdoor party? Give your guests something to rave about with your specialty dish! Whether it’s your sweet and tender barbeque, grilled chicken, unique dessert, or a refreshing mixed drink, adding your very own specialty dish or drink to the menu is bound to get people talking and make the party lively!

Choose a Theme – Don’t worry, themed parties aren’t just for kids! Get creative with your party and select a theme. You can go for a theme revolving around colors (primary colors or patriotic colors), or you could branch out and pick something more specific such as a tropical theme, a Hollywood theme, or anything else your imagination can whip up! Your guests will be sure to enjoy what you come up with. For additional fun, request that guests come dressed up to match the theme!

Crank Up the Tunes – Provide an instant boost to your party’s atmosphere by playing some great music! You can compile a fun playlist that reflects your party’s theme or even just put together a mix of your friends’ favorite songs to get the party started.

Add Some Lighting – You don’t have to shell out a bunch of money to make your party have some pizzazz. A bit of soft lighting is an excellent way to add an extra dimension to your outdoor party! Grab a few fun strands of outdoor lights or even last year’s Christmas lights and wrap them around your deck, fence, shrubbery, or in a few tree limbs to give your party a soft glow. Stings of light not your thing? Place candles in mason jars around the tables instead!

Give Bugs the Boot – Don’t let bugs crash your party this year! Come prepared to protect you and your guests from unwanted attention from those bugs. Keep bug spray handy, place netting strategically on top of your plates of food (the bugs will LOVE those), and, if necessary, put up a bug zapper somewhere in your yard.

Break Out the Fire Pit – It might be hot during the day in the summer, but summer nights are generally cool and delightful. Treat your guests to some fun around the fire pit! Use the fire pit to create your own s’mores, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and tell spooky ghost stories. Your guests will love the added touch!

Play Some Games – Make your party extra fun for your guests by incorporating a few games in the mix! Break out some board games or card games from inside or invest in a few outdoor games such as washers, ladder golf, croquet, whiffle ball, or even Frisbee!

If you find yourself living in a space that doesn’t have ample space for you and your friends to celebrate the seasons together, just pick up the phone and call the area’s experts in real estate – The Massey Team! Call us at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 or view our listings online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com. We’ll find you your dream home in no time!