Crucial Tips You Need to Help You Move to a New State

moving to new stateMoving to a new state can be exciting and full of adventure and new memories. It can also be quite scary and take a toll on your stress levels, especially if you don’t prepare properly for the move. Luckily, good planning and a thorough checklist can help you stay on track with your move, keep your stress in check, and help you stay within your moving budget.

There will be many things that you will need to consider when you move to a new state, including how you can move your family with the help of reliable professional movers and how you can save money without sacrificing quality. Moving doesn’t have to be so scary with some very important tips from the Massey Team Real Estate. Read all about what you should do before, during, and after your move to a new state to see how you can move without all the stress (and without burdening your wallet)!

Before the Move

Plan Your Move First – Moving anywhere be it across the street or across the country requires effort in order to make it a smooth transition. Before you begin packing, you should plan your move and do your research on the state itself. Visit the state if at all possible before you move, and learn about the cost of living, the economy of the state and taxes, and the various neighborhoods in the city you want to settle in. We also suggest that you find a job in that state before moving; it takes the burden of job hunting off your shoulders while you’re moving.

Check Moving Reviews – Before you settle on a moving company, try to get reviews and estimates. Oftentimes, reputable moving companies will offer free estimates. The cost is based on weight, so try to hold a yard sale or donate some of the things you don’t want or need anymore before you make the appointment.

Get a List Going – Lists will be your best friend in this instance. Make a list of all of your accounts and services that will require address updates and take care of it as soon as you can. Remember also to either cancel or transfer your utilities, if necessary.

Tune Up Your Car – Before the move, get your car to the mechanic for a tune-up or full service. Tell your mechanic that you will be moving out-of-state and that your car will need to have a thorough road safety check before leaving, including tire pressure and wear assessment and windshield wiper replacement if needed. Be sure to check your car emergency kit to see that you have flares, jumper cables, and a reliable spare tire in case you break down on the road.

Take Care of Pets and Houseplants – Make sure your pets are up-to-date on their rabies and other vaccinations and that they meet the requirements in your new state. Try to accommodate them slowly to the idea of moving so that they won’t be too nervous on the road – pets don’t quite care for change. If you have houseplants, make sure that they fit securely in your car or find them a good home to go to. Movers will not move your houseplants in the van for you. Before you set them on the curb, think of someone who would be happy to have the plants in your home and give them away to that person.

Keep the Essentials With You – Before leaving, make sure that you have the essentials with you in your car. This can range from a change of clothes for a day or two, basic cooking equipment and utensils, medication, and your valuables. Also include your passports, extra checks, tax records, and other essentials on you at all times just in case some of your belongings go missing during the move.

Be Extra Kind to the Movers – A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and this is also true with your movers. Be sure to pay them gratuity or even spring for their breakfast or lunch. Also, give them water or soft drinks while they’re working. You’ll find that they will be sure to take extra special care of your belongings if you do so.

On the Way

Plan Time for Breaks – No matter how badly you want to get to your destination as soon as possible, road fatigue can really take a toll on you and those who are moving your belongings. Take plenty of breaks on the road, and if you can’t get there in one day, spring for a cheap motel to get a good night’s sleep.

Do Your Research – Before you hit the road, try to plan out the routes that you will need to take. If possible, try to take the routes that have great scenery or are at least not too terribly boring. Highway hypnosis is a real thing and can make you zone out behind the wheel before you know it. If you find that you or whoever is driving is getting sleepy, stop for a break or switch spots.

Properly Prepare Yourself – Before leaving, pack bottles of water with you and some snacks to minimize unnecessary stops and to tide you over in the event of a breakdown or other delay. If at all possible, avoid driving at night and be sure you know what to do in case your vehicle breaks down on the road. Always let someone know your route, your estimated time of arrival, and where you plan to stop.

Upon Arrival

Show Kindness to Movers Again – Once you get to your new abode, you will more than likely have a different set of movers who will be offloading your belongings, so you will need to tip again. Be sure to figure in the distance they had to drive as well, and offer them drinks, if possible, whenever they are unloading your things.

Follow Up – Not that it’s mandatory, but following up with the moving company’s office with praise or constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated. Additionally, if any damage to your items occurs, do you best to fill out paperwork before the movers depart.

Unload Box by Box – While unloading your things in a new place may seem incredibly daunting, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you took the time to label where each box is going. Go room by room and unbox your boxes leisurely. Remember, the hard stuff is over, so feel free to enjoy yourself on your new adventure!

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