7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Live in Edwardsville!

reasons to live in edwardsville, illinoisEveryone wants to live in a good town. Somewhere safe, secure, socially alive, and full of opportunities typically qualifies any place on the globe as a good place to live in many people’s books. So often we have to choose a location that doesn’t have it all. Usually, we choose to live the city life with little privacy but great opportunity and social activities, or we elect for the country life in which there’s plenty of space to spread out but not a lot to do.

Did you know that there’s a wonderful little city in Illinois that has all that you could be looking for and more? Of course, this gem of a city has probably been under our noses the whole time. That city is, of course, Edwardsville!

Read the 7 reasons below to see why Edwardsville is THE best place for young families (and pretty much everyone else) in Illinois to live!

It’s Close to the City – If you want to live in a place with a small-town feel yet close to the city, then this is definitely the place for you! Edwardsville is less than 30 minutes away from downtown St. Louis and is very close to the St. Louis International Airport. Only minutes away from shopping, countless job opportunities, major sporting events, and so much more, you’ll never run out of great things to do!

Get a Good Education Here – Quality educational systems always make a location that much sweeter to live in. From kindergarten to high school all the way through the university level, Edwardsville features excellent quality of education in both private and public schools with near-perfect ratings. With Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and Lewis and Clark Community College nearby, getting a good education for a negotiable price has never been easier than in Edwardsville!

Diverse Housing Options Are Aplenty – No matter what your housing needs are, Edwardsville has it all! Ranging from new home construction to grand historic structures along mature, tree-lined streets to apartments, you can easily find affordable housing to suit all of your housing needs.

Business Is Booming – It’s common for people to want to live where the jobs are, but oftentimes that isn’t very likely anymore. A good majority of the jobs lie within larger cities, but living in the city can prove to be expensive. In Edwardsville, you can live in a great home AND have an array of available, diverse, and skilled workforces at hand. With the growth rate up in the city, finding a good job only minutes away from where you live is much more possible in Edwardsville!

Transportation Is Never a Problem – Bordered by 3 major interstates, Edwardsville offers fantastic and easy access to all areas of the nation and incredibly easy access to the city of St. Louis. The city of Edwardsville also features a progressive public and recreational transportation system, which includes a hub and spoke mass transit system with bike racks and WiFi on buses, and much, much more! Bicyclists will also find a way around with the city’s multiple connections to the county’s 100-mile interconnected bike trail system!

The City is Rich in History – Did you know that Edwardsville is the 3rd oldest city in the state of Illinois? Incorporated in 1818, it is a city rich in history, a land that even Abraham Lincoln visited – TWICE. The region around Edwardsville is also rich in history and gorgeous geography, many tales of lore and legend, and countless ghost stories. With nearly every corner you turn, you’ll find something new and exciting to learn about the city and the region around it!

Live In an Award-Winning City – Have you heard the fantastic news? Edwardsville has recently been named the #1 City For Young Families in Illinois! This was determined from three essential aspects of a good city – good public schools, affordability of living, and if the town is growing and prospering. Edwardsville was the city that dominated the list of requirements and became the best city in Illinois for young couples to live in! Also notable is the fact that the city was ranked by Family Circle Magazine as one of the 2010 Top Ten Towns and Cities for Families.

(Oh, and in case you’re curious, the other 9 places named in the list include O’Fallon, Charleston, Grayslake, New Lenox, Geneva, Huntley, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, and Orland Park, respectively.)

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