8 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Garden Now!

gardening tipsSpring is a time of rebirth and new possibilities, especially when it comes to all things outdoors. You’ll be noticing very soon that the trees will start budding and that springtime flowers will peek out of the ground to greet the season. Things will begin to look much greener and more alive once more.

Spring is also a good time to begin growing and digging, Even though it can be intimidating for any beginner, a bit of gardening can do wonders for a home’s curb appeal! If you’re ready to make your first garden this spring, just follow these 8 tips below, and you’ll have your own little garden in no time!

Make Your Mark – As soon as you have an idea of where your garden is going, mark it out. Feel free to give it a fun shape with flowing curves, or make it echo the lines of your home with a more rigid structure. You can use a hose at first for a basic outline and then switch to sand or flour to make it more pronounced.

Get Rid of the Grass – If grass is growing in the spot you want your garden to be, get ready to dig it up with a spade or sod cutter! If you have the time to wait for your garden, break out the mower and cut it the grass as low as you can. Then cover it with several newspaper sheets and many inches of soil or compost. In a few months, the grass will die, and you will have richer soil!

Dig In the Dirt – Time to roll up your sleeves and don your gloves – it’s time to start digging! Till or dig the dirt of your new garden, and remove any roots, rocks, or other debris standing in your way. If your soil isn’t the best, take the time to work in some organic matter like compost while you dig!

Give It an Edge – Now that you have a spot for your garden, it’s time to put an edge on your garden! After all, you’ll want the rest of your lawn and other invaders to stay away from your garden. A trench of 8 inches deep and a few inches wide will do just fine!

Place the Plants – Don’t confuse this with the actual act of planting! It’s much better if you take the extra time to place your plants in the areas you’re thinking of putting them. It will allow you to get the spacing just right and help make your plants work really well in the designated garden area. Besides, planting and digging up plants again is no fun and exhausting!

Start Planting – After you’ve determined exactly where your plants are going, go ahead and plant them in the ground! Try to loosen or tease the plants’ roots before you put them in the ground to encourage healthy growing. You can choose annuals, which will stay around for one year but will provide beautiful blooms nearly all season long, or perennials, which may die off a little early but will be back in your garden every year.

Spread Some Mulch – Now it’s time to protect what you’ve planted from weeds, pests, and other baddies! Mulch will help keep your new garden healthy and low-maintenance and will do wonders in stopping weeds, all while helping your soil contain moisture during a drought. A 2-inch deep layer of mulch will do perfectly!

Add Water – Finally, all you need to do to complete your garden is to give your plants a nice soaking. Remember in the future that if your mulch is dry, it may also absorb some water before you plants are able to do so. Soak the dry mulch well to ensure that your plants get enough moisture, hang up the hose, and sit back and admire your handiwork – you deserve it!

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