8 Easy Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom a Huge Selling Point

orchids in the bathroomAs you may already know, staging your home is a crucial tip to help you entice a potential homebuyer. This means rearranging your rooms to be in their best possible light to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Without a doubt, the toughest room of the home to stage is the bathroom; there is a limited amount of furniture, if any, to move around, and bathrooms are typically not very generous in terms of space.

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean that you need to write it off. Turn it into one of your home’s biggest selling points with these 8 easy tips!

Create a Blank Canvas – As inconvenient as it might be for you, the potential homebuyers aren’t interested in seeing your everyday toiletries and bathroom supplies such as your soap, toothbrushes, and other personal hygiene products. You don’t want to make homebuyers feel as if they are intruding on your personal space, so make sure that you clear off the counters and create a blank canvas in your bathroom. Don’t forget the items in your shower!

Hide Cleaning Products – Even though they are necessary to an immaculate bathroom, your cleaning products will need to find a new home when you have potential homebuyers looking at your home. You want to make your feel like a luxurious getaway, and these necessities of everyday life do not fit in this picture. Put these products along with your bath mats, spare toilet rolls, and even your bathroom scale out of sight.

Maximize Your Storage – People like homes that have plenty of storage space. They will also more than likely be looking inside your bathroom cabinets to see how much space they offer, so make sure that they are well-organized. Another helpful hint – make sure that they are only half to two-thirds of the way full. This gives off the illusion of greater space.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning – Everyone loves a clean bathroom, especially potential homebuyers. Make sure to clean every single inch of the bathroom to help create a relaxing, inviting, and “new” feel for your bathroom. It will help give off the impression that your home is well-maintained.

Consider Making Minor Upgrades – You don’t need to spend an unsightly amount of money to upgrade your bathroom to entice buyers. Spending your money wisely by making small, inexpensive upgrades will create a large impact on homebuyers. Change out the mirror, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, recaulk the bathtub, or even upgrade the lights in the room. You’ll be surprised how far a few dollars can go!

Think Neutrals – When it comes to selling your home, neutral colors are the best way to go. Not only do they make rooms larger and more inviting, but they also help potential homebuyers envision themselves living in your home more easily. If you find yourself wanting to add a pop of color in your bathroom, try doing so in your towels or in a few key accessories.

Hang Luxurious Towels – Want an easy way to transform your bathroom instantly? Three words – luxurious, fluffy towels. Hang them on the side of the tub, on a towel rack, or, if you have a lot of extra counter space, on the vanity for an added touch of luxury. Your best bet is to go with thick white towels, but you can also opt for ones with beautiful textures. Just try to keep it simple for the biggest impact!

Place Accessories Strategically – In place of those personal bathroom products we told you to pack away, bring in a few well-chosen accessories to add an inviting layer of elegance. The bathroom should be like a spa or a sanctuary to get away from the stress that life often brings, so try replicating that feeling with fragrant soaps, bath oils, and candles. Don’t worry about bringing in too much – less is always better!

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9 Crucial Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home on the Market

painting wallWhen you decide that you want to put your home on the market, it can be both very exciting and also very stressful. There are several factors that go into successfully selling a home, including pricing, visual appeal, and location, just to name a few. Even though the process is much easier with a trusty real estate agent by your side, it can be quite overwhelming if you’re not sure what to do.

No need to stress! Just read the following 9 items below to help you have a good idea about what you need to do before putting your house on the market.

Find the Right Agent – Before putting your house on the market, you will want to find a trustworthy real estate agent to help you through the process. Your agent will help you figure out the necessary steps to take (they can even do a walk-through of your house to give you suggestions for repairs or improvements to help you sell faster), so be sure to find a reliable agent first!

Have a Down Payment Ready – Whether you’re paying a 20% down payment or something lower or higher, you will want to make sure that you have some money set aside for the new home you will be purchasing. If you have equity in your current home, you can access that once you’ve found a buyer.

Get Your Financing Together – When it comes to getting your financial house in order, finding a reputable lender to get pre-approved for your next purchase is the way to go. Research what banks, brokers, credit unions, and other qualified lenders are offering to see which would be the best for you.

Understand Your Local Market – That’s right, when you put your house on the market, you need to know what’s going on in your local real estate market! Are houses selling like hotcakes, or have they been on the market for a long time, even for reasonable prices? Read up on what’s going on around you and keep open lines of communication with your real estate agent.

Do Necessary Repairs – Now that you have the monetary parts of the plan in place, it’s time to do some repairs to make your home look the best it can. Even minor repairs and upgrades can help make your home look stunning to a potential homebuyer! Consider replacing old worn-out doorknobs, upgrading boring bathroom fixtures, patching and painting any walls that may require it, and sprucing up your curb appeal with beautiful, easy-maintenance plants and flowers to make your home look irresistible!

De-Clutter – No one likes walking through a home with too much stuff lying around. Make your home neat and tidy by de-cluttering your rooms and closets. Put away the knick-knacks, the overflowing stacks of DVDs and video games, and mountains of papers to give your home a clean, inviting look. Consider putting some of your things and furniture in a storage unit for the time begin in order to stage your home perfectly for the potential buyers!

Maintain Good Curb Appeal – We mentioned curb appeal a few points back, and we’re mentioning it here again because it is that important! The first impression is always the most important, and that’s why you’ll want to make sure that your lawn is looking lively and elegant. Touch up any peeling exterior paint, put away any lawn tools or toys that may be lying in the middle of the yard, and make sure that your plants are pruned and well-maintained. Good curb appeal will make buyers want to come inside to see more!

Take Yourself Out of the Equation – Look around when you walk into your home, and we mean really look around. Do you see a lot of your personality in your home? Chances are you might, and while that’s great for you, it’s not the best for your prospective buyer. They will have a harder time seeing themselves living in your home if you have lots of personal photos and knickknacks lying around. Do your best to box up your personal things to help provide a neutral, elegant setting for your potential homebuyer to browse.

Clean, Clean, Clean (and Keep It That Way!) – Before you announce that your home is for sale, you’d better make sure that your home is spotless! Don’t just dust and vacuum – deep clean your home! The potential buyers will be looking around everywhere, and a clean home is much more appealing than a dirty, cob-webby home. The work doesn’t stop once you’ve cleaned your home. You will want to make sure that you keep it clean while it’s on the market. You never know when someone will want to look at your home!

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The Price Is Right! 5 Excellent Tips to Help You Set the Perfect Price For Your Home

family looking at homeIf you’re looking to sell your home, you’ve probably already accomplished many of the recommended tasks like sprucing up your curb appeal, giving your interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint, meticulously cleaning your home, and staging your home. When it comes to selling your house, though, money talks. No matter how nice and clean your home is, it won’t matter if you list it at the wrong price.

Determining your asking price is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you decide to sell your home. If you price it too high, potential buyers will more than likely ignore the listing, and when you eventually lower it, you could be perceived as being a desperate seller and that there could be room for negotiation. On the flip side, if you price your home too low, you could be missing out on the price that you deserve for your home. What’s a seller to do?

If you want your home to sell quickly and successfully, follow these 5 tips below!

Start Researching – Before you even think of writing down a price for your home, you need to do some research. Check out your local market – what are the trends you’ve been noticing? There are many sites out there that can help you find recently sold homes that are comparable to your own, along with home value trends, foreclosure statistics, and price-cut information. All of this information will definitely help you set a solid price based on your local market conditions.

Scope Out the Competition – Now that you’ve got the 411 on the local market, check out the houses that are for sale in your home. Are there a lot on the market? What price point are they being sold at and in what type of condition? Try to find a home for sale that’s both similar to yours and has been sitting on the market for a while. It usually means that buyers don’t think that the home is priced correctly for the market. Once you see that it’s sold, figure out how much above or below the list price it was sold for – it will give you a good idea on how you should set your own price.

Get an Inspection – Though buyers are usually the ones who hire a home inspector, it’s not a bad idea for you, the seller, to consider doing the same. A licensed home inspector will go through and ensure that the various symptoms in your home are working properly, including your electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, roof, and others. With this information, you can either work to fix the problems or, if your systems are in good shape, you can use it as a marketing tool to pique the curiosity of potential homebuyers.

Ask Your Agent – That’s right! You can count on your real estate agent to help you pinpoint the price that’s right for your home. Your agent will know what buyers are looking for in your market and how much they would be willing to pay. Have an open and honest conversation with your real estate agent – you can’t go wrong!

Be Realistic – When it comes to our homes, we tend to have a very sentimental attachment. It can be easy to put too high of a price on the home, which will wind up deterring potential homebuyers. As hard as it might be, try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you pay that much for your home? If not, try to figure out a lower price that is both favorable to the buyer and to you.

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Want to Move? 6 Steps to Get Started on the Home-Selling Process

how to sell your homeDo you want to sell your home? Have you been eying a new house on the market and want to get your home sold as quickly as possible?

Beginning to sell your home can be a tedious process, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why your friends from The Massey Team have come up with 6 steps for you to take when you get ready to put your house on the market. Look over our list below to get started!

Clean and De-Clutter Your Home – Before you think about listing your house or giving your agent a tour of your home, you need to do some serious cleaning. First, de-clutter your home by getting rid of anything you don’t want, need, or use anymore. Next, clean your home thoroughly. That includes dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and even cleaning the drapes and carpets. Once your home is on the market, you will need to do all that you can to keep it as clean as possible.

Make Rooms Bright and Large – When you have people walk through your home, you will want them to notice that your rooms are all bright and have plenty of space. Go through each room and remove anything that doesn’t fit the room’s purpose. Put Store oversized furniture, which makes rooms appear smaller, in a safe location offsite, and rearranged smaller furniture to make the room look open and inviting. If you have exercise equipment in your office, store it elsewhere. Be sure to pick up the dog or baby toys from the living room and put them in the appropriate spot.

Increase Your Curb Appeal – Don’t know what we mean by curb appeal? Curb appeal describes how appealing your home is from the curb to potential homebuyers. Your home’s curb appeal shapes the homebuyer’s first impression on your home, so it’s important that you get it right. Pay some extra attention to your landscaping – prune and trim your plants, keep your lawn green and presentable, and consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Your home’s curb appeal will draw in curious homebuyers in no time. We have some ideas and tips here to help you get started!

Make the Necessary Repairs – There are some things in your home that might turn off a potential homebuyer. Consider fixing the items that you are aware of such as any crackling paint or drywall, dripping faucets, running toilets, and holes in the window screens. These and other issues will deter homebuyers.

Consider Staging Your Home – Want to sell your home more quickly and for more money? Consider having it staged! You don’t have to go all out and hire the most expensive decorator around. Instead, follow some basic staging advice to get the desired effect, which is making your home look big and inviting. Check out our tips on staging here!

Hire the Right Agent – Several homeowners attempt to sell their homes on their own, but oftentimes, it takes a very long time to sell their homes, and they don’t get the money they hoped for in the process. An expert in the field will be knowledgeable and keep your best interests in mind. Trust your biggest lifetime investment to the greatest professionals in the Metro East St. Louis region – the Massey Team! If you’re unfamiliar with us, you can learn more about our team here!

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Selling Your Home? Avoid Making These 9 Mistakes!

how to sell your home correctlyIt can be tough to sell your home. It’s likely that you’re house is one of the hundreds for sale in your hometown right now, which means that buyers have a lot of options laid out before them. They don’t have to buy what you’re selling, let alone look at what you’re selling, so you can’t afford to be sloppy about putting it up for sale in this competitive market!

Be sure to attract as many potential buyers as you can by avoiding these 9 mistakes below!

Forget the Lawn – Think a potential buyer will overlook your yard and have eyes only for your home? Think again! Your yard is an extension of your house and should be treated as such. Be sure to take care of your yard by pulling weeds, spreading out fresh mulch, and trimming unruly plants and bushes back. Step it up a notch and consider installing attractive outdoor lighting to create a dramatic mood for a small investment.

Be Too Expressive – We know your house is your sanctuary and that you want to display your personal taste, favorite teams, and your bold choices of paint. Even though you love everything in your home, your potential buyer might be very much turned off by it all. If you want your house to sell, remove most evidence of your personal taste and paint over any loud colors with a neutral. You want prospective buyers to envision themselves in your home, not be distracted by what’s inside it.

Leave the Dirty Dishes – Dishes left in the sink might seem relatively benign to you since you’ve had to clean everything else in the home, but to a potential buyer, it will portray you as a sloppy homeowner, and they might worry if you haven’t taken very good care of the home as well. Don’t leave any dishes in the sink when your house is being shown. Even if you have to take your family out to breakfast, just make sure to leave your kitchen absolute pristine. The same goes for your bathroom – dry the inside of the sink and the counter completely dry before leaving the house.

Ignore the Stench – Leave your home for a little while, come back, and give your house a sniff test. If you smell anything rank or stale, that means you have some work to do! Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than stenches in a home, so empty the garbage, load your dirty clothes into the washing machine, give your wood furnishings a polish, clean the litter box, and run a lemon rind through your garbage disposal!

Don’t Fix the Minor Problems – If you want to leave things as they stand now in your home, be prepared to lose a sale. Everything in your home needs to be in good working order before you put it on the market. Before doing so, though, make sure that all of your broken fixtures are repaired, your light bulbs are all functioning, any flaws in your walls are repaired, and any spots that need a touch-up of paint are attended to. Though this process can take a long time, it will definitely be worth it!

Leave Your Distracting Dog – Your dog might be good around you, but it might not be so well-behaved when left cooped up in its cage with unfamiliar people walking around your home. A barking dog is incredibly distracting when someone is trying to really get a good look at your home. Avoid the distraction all together and take your furry friend with you. If you can’t take your dog with you, ask a friend or neighbor to dog-sit for you and repay them for the trouble.

Keep Your Rooms Dimly Lit – If you only have one layer of lights (especially if that one layer contains two small lights on the wall), you will need to invest in some lighting before you put your home on the market! Dark rooms are a turnoff to most prospective buyers, so brighten up the rooms with additional light fixture or maybe even quality skylights. Be sure to remove heavy drapes, too, to let the light stream through your windows and make it seem even more inviting!

Let the Bugs Run Free – This goes for roaches, spiders, wasps, or any other insects that shouldn’t be in your home. You don’t like them. Your prospective buyer most certainly will be turned off by them. Get rid of them, especially before it becomes a big problem.

Make It Hard to Move Around – We know you love how your furniture is arranged, but the cozy set-up you have might cause your buyer some trouble to move around. Remove the extra furniture that clutters up your space including side tables, footstools, and magazine racks. Create simple arrangements that will make a big impact – place your sofa facing the fireplace and flank it with two chairs and a coffee table instead of putting your furniture up against the wall. This will create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your buyer!

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