8 Useful Tips to Help You Throw an Incredibly Memorable Housewarming Party

how-to-have-an-elegant-housewarming-party-4You’ve finally found your dream home in your ideal neighborhood! You’ve signed all of the necessary papers, and you’ve moved all of your things into your new place. Now it’s time to celebrate! Your family and friends are probably excited to see your new home, so why not invite them over by throwing them a party for all of you to enjoy?

Here are 8 tips to help you throw an amazing housewarming party:

Start Planning – First things first, choose when you want to throw your party and start planning! Maybe you’ll want to have an afternoon open house party where your guests come and go as they please. Perhaps you’ll want to enjoy a more elaborate event with an evening dinner party. Whichever you choose, be sure to set a time for the party and inform your guests well ahead of time so they can plan on coming over and celebrating with you!

Get Creative with Seating – Chances are that not all of your chairs are in place or you don’t have enough chairs to seat all of your guests. No problem! You can pull your dining room chairs or a few ottomans and benches into the party area for your guests to perch upon comfortably. Still have some unpacked boxes around? Throw a nice fabric or cute blanket over them and use them as seats! When there are plenty of places to sit, your guests will feel more at ease and will want to stay longer and have more fun with you.

Put Together an Awesome Playlist – Whether you’re breaking out the record player or turning up Spotify, it’s time to put together a playlist that will bring your party to life! Put together a collection of your favorite songs or let Spotify cruise and do its thing.

Give ‘Em the Tour – Don’t forget to give your guests what they really want – the grand tour! You can either choose to give individual tours to all of your guests or give a group tour altogether. Either way, take them through the house and proudly show off your new digs!

Place the Food and Drinks Strategically – Your guests definitely want to check out your home, but they will generally gravitate toward the food and drinks. You can give them what they want and show off the best parts of your home at the same time! Does your home have a great view? Set up a drink station in front of that view to give your guests something to talk about! Does your kitchen look like it leapt off the page of a home magazine? Show off those gorgeous countertops and cabinets by displaying your appetizers and finger foods in your kitchen.

Show Your Work Off – Have you made big changes to the home since you moved in? Show off the renovations by posting “before” photos outside each room! You can also post some photos of the rooms while the changes were in progress. Your guests are bound to enjoy checking out your progress!

Document the Event – Don’t forget to record your event by taking plenty of photos! Take real photos with a camera, use your smartphone, or get creative and come up with a fun hashtag for your guests to use on social media when they post photos. You can gather those photos together and create a scrapbook later! Don’t forget the guestbook!

Enjoy Your Party – This might seem like a “gimme” tip, but you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to run around taking care of the refreshments, giving tours, and playing bartender and lose focus on your party. Ask some of your friends or family members to help take turns manning the food and drink station so you can go mingle with your other guests. Sit back, enjoy their company, and be proud of how far your home has come along!

Once the party’s over, be sure to mail out thank-you notes to your guests! It might seem a bit cheesy to do, but it’s actually a thoughtful and classy gesture. Thank your guests for coming with personalized handwritten notes, especially if they helped or brought something to the party.

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9 Tips to Throwing the Perfect Housewarming Party

house partyWhether it’s across the street, across town, or to another city entirely, moving is an exciting time in one’s life! After you find the home of your dreams, you will want to move as soon as possible, put your things inside, and decorate it the way you like it.

Of course, you will want to show your brand new home off to your friends as soon as you can! That’s when it’s time to organize the perfect housewarming party for you and your friends to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

Here are 9 tips to help you throw a great housewarming party with little stress!

Plan Ahead – When it comes to something big like a housewarming party, it’s smart to give people plenty of notice in advance so they can come to your party, especially in the summertime. Giving 2 to 3 weeks of notice should do just fine. Choose a day and time that will work the best for most, especially if there’s a long travel time involved. Remember to put out a sign and some balloons in your front yard for your friends and family to see easily from the road!

Keep the Weather in Mind – Be sure to check the weather forecast a day or so before the party and plan accordingly. You wouldn’t want to have an outdoor party if the forecast calls for rain. Additionally, if you live in a warm climate, consider hosting your party outside. That could help minimize any stress or pressure you feel in making your new home look “perfect.”

Unpack As Much As Possible – Your things don’t need to be completely put away, but boxes should be in their appropriate rooms, at least. Since your guests will more than likely be hanging around your living room, dining room, and kitchen, try to make sure that these boxes are unpacked before any others.

Choose Food Wisely – Food can be quite messy sometimes, so be sure to choose something that is easy to eat and makes the least amount of mess. Finger is a safe bet when it comes to housewarming parties, so try to have food like sandwiches, chips and dips, cookies, sliced fresh veggie sand fruits, kebabs, and meat and cheese trays on hand for your party. Not only are these foods easy to eat, but they also won’t leave a mess on your furniture!

Remember the Details – You don’t have to go all out at your party, but small details here and there can make a big difference. Fresh flowers, easy snacks, and a few lit candles will make a world of difference without having you to do much work at all. Be sure also to keep one table clear to store and display any gifts that your guests may give you.

Show Off Your Home – Your friends and family will be stoked to see your new place, so plan on giving a quick tour of the space. If you haven’t fully unpacked your things, don’t worry – no one’s going to mind a few boxes here and there in your home. Take them through the place and tell them your plans on what you’ll be doing with each room, what color of paint you will choose, and how you will decorate it.

Keep It Simple – Don’t worry about making your party or your house perfect. Your guests know that you recently moved, so they’re aware that not everything will be put together and, believe us, they’re fine with it! Instead of stressing over fancy decorations and getting your best dishware ready, opt for cute paper plates and cocktail napkins and fresh flowers.

Have a Few Activities – Give your guests some entertainment options. If you have your party outside, try implementing some fun outdoor games like Frisbee, beanbag toss, washers, or ladder golf. If you’re inside, set up some fun board games or group-friendly video games at certain stations so your guests can mingle from activity to activity.

Send ‘Em Home With Favors – Thank your guests for coming to your party with a simple favor. A small bag of candy works perfectly fine as a favor. Be sure to give your guests a card or printout with your new address and contact information so they can stay updated!

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