28 Tasks All Serious Home Sellers Should Do This Spring

tasks for springSpring makes its official debut once more on Sunday, March 20, and the season has definitely arrived early this year in the St. Louis region. All around the neighborhoods in the area, blossoms are popping up on tree branches, daffodils are flourishing in yards, and green grass is making its return once more. Spring also means that more and more homebuyers will be looking for their dream home and will begin house hunting once more.

If you’re looking to sell your home this spring, you will want to make your home as attractive as possible to any potential homebuyers. The best, most cost-effective way to do this is to partake in spring cleaning to make your abode outshine the others on the market.

Here is your official checklist of chores for you to do this spring if you’re a home seller:


General Living Spaces (Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, etc.)

*Clean all of your ceiling fans.

*Wipe down your baseboards with a damp cloth.

*Repair any nail holes or damage to the walls. Touch it up with paint.

*Wipe down all doorknobs and other hardware. Polish if needed.

*Clean every window. Make sure to clean the inside as well as the outside to really let the light in.

*Repair anything that is loose or broken.

*Dust and wipe down your light fixtures. If any bulbs have burned out, replace them.

*Take down all of your drapes and clean them. If they are heavy winter curtains, consider replacing them with lighter, more airy drapes to keep it light.

*De-clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t need, use, or want. Donate lightly used goods and trash or recycle the rest.

*Clean and organize your closet. Make sure to put away your winter clothes and shoes and donate anything that you haven’t worn in 2 years.

*Dust everything, including the lamps, picture frames, and even artificial plants and flowers.

*Vacuum after you dust. Make sure to get under the beds, behind the bookcases, and even in the corners where cobwebs could gather.

*Tidy up your attic and basement.

*Wash your throw rugs, bedding, blankets, and pillow covers. This will help your home smell and look fresh and revitalized.

*Depersonalize as much as possible by minimizing your family photos and any personal collections that might be out on display. This will help buyers imagine themselves in your space with their own things.



*Clean out the fridge by tossing any unused or old food, even condiments that you don’t use. Wipe down the inside and the outside, dust the top of the fridge, and vacuum the coils.

*Clean out the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Wipe down the doors and pulls to make them shine.

*Clean and organize the pantry.

*Scrub and clean the microwave and oven.



*Clean and organize the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom. Pare down what you don’t need and throw away old medicines.

*Clean the grout of your tile floors and on any other surface that is tiled.

*Clean every sink, tub, and toilet. Re-caulk them, if necessary.



*Pressure-wash the driveway and sidewalks. If the siding is in need of it, pressure-wash it carefully as well.

*Pull weeds from the garden and plant a few colorful annuals near the front door.

*Clean out the garage. Take everything out, sweep it, and pressure-wash the floors. Reorganize your items neatly once you’re done.

*Sweep and clean the patio or deck. Clean any neglected outdoor furniture, and maybe consider adding a few new cushions or potted plants to liven things up a bit.

*Clean the gutters.

*Spruce up the yard. Remove any fallen limbs, trim the bushes and shrubs, and keep the sidewalks and walkways clean. Rake up the yard to give your potential homebuyers a great first impression.


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9 Crucial Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home on the Market

painting wallWhen you decide that you want to put your home on the market, it can be both very exciting and also very stressful. There are several factors that go into successfully selling a home, including pricing, visual appeal, and location, just to name a few. Even though the process is much easier with a trusty real estate agent by your side, it can be quite overwhelming if you’re not sure what to do.

No need to stress! Just read the following 9 items below to help you have a good idea about what you need to do before putting your house on the market.

Find the Right Agent – Before putting your house on the market, you will want to find a trustworthy real estate agent to help you through the process. Your agent will help you figure out the necessary steps to take (they can even do a walk-through of your house to give you suggestions for repairs or improvements to help you sell faster), so be sure to find a reliable agent first!

Have a Down Payment Ready – Whether you’re paying a 20% down payment or something lower or higher, you will want to make sure that you have some money set aside for the new home you will be purchasing. If you have equity in your current home, you can access that once you’ve found a buyer.

Get Your Financing Together – When it comes to getting your financial house in order, finding a reputable lender to get pre-approved for your next purchase is the way to go. Research what banks, brokers, credit unions, and other qualified lenders are offering to see which would be the best for you.

Understand Your Local Market – That’s right, when you put your house on the market, you need to know what’s going on in your local real estate market! Are houses selling like hotcakes, or have they been on the market for a long time, even for reasonable prices? Read up on what’s going on around you and keep open lines of communication with your real estate agent.

Do Necessary Repairs – Now that you have the monetary parts of the plan in place, it’s time to do some repairs to make your home look the best it can. Even minor repairs and upgrades can help make your home look stunning to a potential homebuyer! Consider replacing old worn-out doorknobs, upgrading boring bathroom fixtures, patching and painting any walls that may require it, and sprucing up your curb appeal with beautiful, easy-maintenance plants and flowers to make your home look irresistible!

De-Clutter – No one likes walking through a home with too much stuff lying around. Make your home neat and tidy by de-cluttering your rooms and closets. Put away the knick-knacks, the overflowing stacks of DVDs and video games, and mountains of papers to give your home a clean, inviting look. Consider putting some of your things and furniture in a storage unit for the time begin in order to stage your home perfectly for the potential buyers!

Maintain Good Curb Appeal – We mentioned curb appeal a few points back, and we’re mentioning it here again because it is that important! The first impression is always the most important, and that’s why you’ll want to make sure that your lawn is looking lively and elegant. Touch up any peeling exterior paint, put away any lawn tools or toys that may be lying in the middle of the yard, and make sure that your plants are pruned and well-maintained. Good curb appeal will make buyers want to come inside to see more!

Take Yourself Out of the Equation – Look around when you walk into your home, and we mean really look around. Do you see a lot of your personality in your home? Chances are you might, and while that’s great for you, it’s not the best for your prospective buyer. They will have a harder time seeing themselves living in your home if you have lots of personal photos and knickknacks lying around. Do your best to box up your personal things to help provide a neutral, elegant setting for your potential homebuyer to browse.

Clean, Clean, Clean (and Keep It That Way!) – Before you announce that your home is for sale, you’d better make sure that your home is spotless! Don’t just dust and vacuum – deep clean your home! The potential buyers will be looking around everywhere, and a clean home is much more appealing than a dirty, cob-webby home. The work doesn’t stop once you’ve cleaned your home. You will want to make sure that you keep it clean while it’s on the market. You never know when someone will want to look at your home!

Remember our first big task that we mentioned at the beginning of this post? The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties can help with that! Check us out online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com or call us to get started at either (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298.

Want to Move? 6 Steps to Get Started on the Home-Selling Process

how to sell your homeDo you want to sell your home? Have you been eying a new house on the market and want to get your home sold as quickly as possible?

Beginning to sell your home can be a tedious process, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why your friends from The Massey Team have come up with 6 steps for you to take when you get ready to put your house on the market. Look over our list below to get started!

Clean and De-Clutter Your Home – Before you think about listing your house or giving your agent a tour of your home, you need to do some serious cleaning. First, de-clutter your home by getting rid of anything you don’t want, need, or use anymore. Next, clean your home thoroughly. That includes dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and even cleaning the drapes and carpets. Once your home is on the market, you will need to do all that you can to keep it as clean as possible.

Make Rooms Bright and Large – When you have people walk through your home, you will want them to notice that your rooms are all bright and have plenty of space. Go through each room and remove anything that doesn’t fit the room’s purpose. Put Store oversized furniture, which makes rooms appear smaller, in a safe location offsite, and rearranged smaller furniture to make the room look open and inviting. If you have exercise equipment in your office, store it elsewhere. Be sure to pick up the dog or baby toys from the living room and put them in the appropriate spot.

Increase Your Curb Appeal – Don’t know what we mean by curb appeal? Curb appeal describes how appealing your home is from the curb to potential homebuyers. Your home’s curb appeal shapes the homebuyer’s first impression on your home, so it’s important that you get it right. Pay some extra attention to your landscaping – prune and trim your plants, keep your lawn green and presentable, and consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Your home’s curb appeal will draw in curious homebuyers in no time. We have some ideas and tips here to help you get started!

Make the Necessary Repairs – There are some things in your home that might turn off a potential homebuyer. Consider fixing the items that you are aware of such as any crackling paint or drywall, dripping faucets, running toilets, and holes in the window screens. These and other issues will deter homebuyers.

Consider Staging Your Home – Want to sell your home more quickly and for more money? Consider having it staged! You don’t have to go all out and hire the most expensive decorator around. Instead, follow some basic staging advice to get the desired effect, which is making your home look big and inviting. Check out our tips on staging here!

Hire the Right Agent – Several homeowners attempt to sell their homes on their own, but oftentimes, it takes a very long time to sell their homes, and they don’t get the money they hoped for in the process. An expert in the field will be knowledgeable and keep your best interests in mind. Trust your biggest lifetime investment to the greatest professionals in the Metro East St. Louis region – the Massey Team! If you’re unfamiliar with us, you can learn more about our team here!

Of course, selling your home means that you are searching for a brand new home to enjoy your life in. We can help with that! Check out our listings on our website at www.dianamasseyteam.com. Be sure to call us at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started with your house hunting!

5 Easy Ways to Sell Your Home If You Have Pets

how to sell home with petsJust about everyone loves pets and loves having them around! Everyone, that is, except for the homebuyer who could potentially be purchasing your home. Not only do pets provide an unnecessary distraction for the homebuyer, but they can also turn them off with potential odors, hair, and behavior.

As adorable and loveable as your pets are, don’t let them hold you back! Sell your home with these five easy tips!

Take Your Pet Out For the Day – If you’re having your home shown to a potential homebuyer, try your best not to leave your pet home with them. You wouldn’t want your potential homebuyer to be prevented from viewing a home or area in the home because your pet is in there. There’s nothing more off-putting for a homebuyer than being greeted by an overly excited dog, a hissing cat, or growling, barking dog. If you can’t take your pet out of the house for the day, ask a trusted friend or relative to watch your pet for you while you work.

Hide the Evidence – Make sure that your potential homebuyers’ attention isn’t taken away from the beautiful features of your home because of pet toys and dishes! Pick up and place your pet’s toys somewhere that is more unnoticeable. Clean the area where your pet eats and drinks, and put away the treats, leashes, and litter box if you can.

Make Your House Smell Great – Not everyone who has a pet has a home that smells like their pet, but it’s always a good idea to freshen up your home for a showing. Instead of spraying massive amounts of air freshener in your home, try airing it out by keeping your windows open during pleasant weather and maybe baking an apple or cherry pie. Don’t forget to clean your fabrics, carpets, curtains, and cushions as well.

Clean Up Hair – If your pet sheds, you will need to make sure to stay on top of all of the shedding when your house is on the market. No one wants to see hairs on the couch or puffs of hair in the corner. Vacuum and sweep daily, if possible, to keep your home as hair-free as possible – you never know who might want to drop by to see your home!

Make Trouble Spots Disappear – Accidents happen, especially with very young and very old pets. Regardless, your floors are going to be quite a challenge when it comes to de-petting your home for a showing. Make sure to clean all the trouble spots you know where your pet has messed in the past, and be sure to test all cleaners on a small, less-seen area first to test for colorfastness. To find all the spots your pet has messed, consider using a battery-powered black light – in complete darkness, it will show all the locations in which your pet has messed.

Need more tips? Ready to sell your home? Let us help. Call us at (618) 791-9298 or at (618) 791-5024 or visit us online at www.dianamasseyhomes.com!