7 Tips You Must Know to Create Your Own Asian Garden

how to create your own asian gardenWorking in your garden can be one of the most exciting and rewarding summertime experiences. Whether it’s starting a brand new garden, caring for your preexisting garden, or giving your space a face-lift, there can be quite a lot of fun to be had!

But what if you want to create a brand-new garden but don’t know where to begin or what style to implement? If you’re looking for a sleek, clean, peaceful type of garden (and if you’re relatively patient and like being outdoors), then why not consider creating your very own Asian garden?

Asian landscapes are known for evoking feelings of peace and calm. Designers expertly use positive and negative space in the garden and natural features to invite contemplative, serene sentiments within ourselves.

If you’re ready to get your Asian garden started, check out these 7 tips to create your very own Asian garden!

Make Art Your Focal Point – When creating an Asian garden, it’s important to make art your focal point of the garden. Using art in your garden such as pagoda towers and Asian sculptures will add another layer of interest and beauty to the entire garden. Do be sure, though, to use art sparingly. You don’t want to have your space totally dominated with sculptures everywhere!

Create Meandering Paths – Making a straight pathway of rock or bricks might sound appealing, but this is a big no-no in any Asian garden. According to Asian folklore and legend, straight pathways allow evil spirits to move swiftly and directly into the home. Zigzagging pathways, however, will confuse any malevolent spirits that are wanting to invade your home. Try a swirling pathway made of stone or rock instead of a straight brick walkway.

Beware of White Flowers – When selecting your flowers for an authentic Asian garden, you should stick to certain types of flowers and plants. One of the main rules when constructing an authentic Asian garden is to avoid white flowers. In many Asian countries, white flowers are seen as a funeral or burial flower and signify mourning. Additionally, Chrysanthemums in any color have a similar meaning. Instead, select flowers like irises, star jasmine, or azaleas.

Look Out Your Window First – In order to get the best look for your Asian garden, plan your garden views by looking out your window. You’ll want to enjoy the focal points and soothing scenes from inside your home, too! Looking out your window will help you to create the outdoor space that you want.

Choose the Right Plants – Set the tone by selecting iconic Asian plants! Trees and plants such as flowering cherry, Japanese maple, ginkgo, bamboo, juniper, and jasmine do very well to set the tone for the landscaping that you want.

Less Is More – You might have several ideas of what you want to do or want to go out to buy lots of iconic Asian items and plants already. Remember, however, that when it comes to Asian landscaping (and home décor, for that matter), less is more, and balance is key. For example, placing a statue or a tree like a Japanese maple can be very compelling and dramatic when placed among low, carpet-like plants.

Remember Outdoor Lighting – Don’t forget about outdoor lighting when planning your Asian garden! And no, you won’t have to be limited to just lanterns. There are several styles of lights that can work very well within an Asian garden. Lighting a pathway can be as simple as using direct light on sculptures or artwork or implementing solar lights that have an oriental flare.

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