2021 Holiday Decorating Trends

What do eating comfort foods, celebrating time-honored traditions, and opening heartwarming gifts have in common? Put them all together, and you’re spending time with loved ones during the holidays! Of course, before you can invite everyone over, you need to decorate. Find the best 2021 holiday decorating trends below to spruce up your space.

Use Merry and Bright Colors

Red and green don’t have to be the only colors you see this holiday season. They’re a classic combination for sure, but this year people are expanding their color palettes to include neon, pastel, and jewel tones. You can search online for a custom neon sign, hang up a pink wreath, or decorate the tree with multicolored ornaments.

Hang Vintage Tree Trimmings

What was popular decades ago is back in style. It’s time to find those long-overlooked treasures you have in storage! People are particularly interested in displaying glass ornaments from the 1950s, which are often in bright pastels and vintage shades of chartreuse, blues, and pinks.

Walk Down Memory Lane

This year, with more people able to travel home for the holidays, homeowners want to express how nostalgic they feel with their décor. Using vintage ornaments, old dishes, and passed-down table linens will unlock happy memories. Plus, reusing decorations instead of buying them new is environmentally friendly.

Go Green for the Holidays

Interest in sustainability has grown over the last few years. Now, people are looking for cards, wrapping paper, gifts, and holiday decorations that are sustainable in some way. Consider handcrafted or wooden decorations in addition to those made of recycled glass or paper.

Personalize DIY Decorations

This holiday season, get creative and budget-friendly with DIY decorations. Sew a tree skirt, make your own stockings, and even craft a paper garland or wreath. Incorporating dried orange and grapefruit slices creates a vintage vibe. To make your guests feel extra special, you can set out personalized placeholders by having a fun photo or handwritten name card at each seat.

Bring Natural Elements Indoors

Holiday celebrations are the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, especially when it’s too cold to stay outside for long. You can put up a real tree, bring in houseplants, and decorate with evergreens. When choosing evergreens, look for holly, ivy, euonymus, pine, and spruce because they don’t dry out quickly. Some homeowners spray paint leaves with silver, gold, or other colors to keep them from withering and add a nice holiday touch.

Find a Home That Makes You Joyful

By following these tips, you’ll spread holiday cheer throughout your home. But what about the other months of the year? If a new home is on your wishlist, the real estate experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties are here to help! Call us at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 and learn more today.

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