8 Signs Your Kitchen is Ready for an Upgrade

signs you need to upgrade your kitchenWho doesn’t love the kitchen? It’s the place where our loved ones gather to share food and stories, relax in one another’s company with a glass of wine, and help make memories (and Grandma’s homemade cookies) together. Just like any other room in your home, however, your kitchen will age and show signs of wear and tear. But when is it time to go for an upgrade or two? Here are the biggest signs that it’s time to upgrade the heart of your home:

Your Appliances Are Old

Maybe your appliances came with the house, or maybe you’ve relied on your trusty old stove to cook dinner for decades. We know that change is hard, but if your appliances are from last century, it might be time for some new ones. Newer appliances don’t just boast attractive features that turn potential homebuyers’ heads, but they’re also much safer and use up less energy than their older counterparts. Remember, when you choose to upgrade your appliances, rely on a professional electrician to get them set and up to code!

There’s Never Enough Counter Space

Does it feel like your countertops have been taken over by your appliances? If you’re struggling to prepare your meals on your crowded countertops, your kitchen could probably use a bit of a facelift. An easy way to add more space? Install an island, if your floor plan allows for it! If not, consider bidding farewell to your cabinets in favor of larger, deeper cupboards.

There’s Noticeable Damage and Wear

Your kitchen won’t stay pristine forever. The cabinets are bound to accumulate scuffs as time goes by. But if you’re noticing water damage, stains on the walls, cracked, peeling, or chipped countertops or floors, or mold, you should consider an upgrade. Mold and bacteria are tenants that should never take up residence in your kitchen!

The Lighting is Bad

Lighting in the house is probably the most crucial in the kitchen. After all, you need to see what you’re doing. If you’re having a hard time reading instructions from your recipes or can’t tell how much salt you’re adding to your pasta dish, add or upgrade the lighting! Under-cabinet lights work wonders in illuminating the space without straining your eyes.

You Just Can’t Find Anything

We don’t have to tell you that your home should – ideally – be clutter-free, but life happens. You’re bound to have an untidy kitchen here and there. But if you’re spending more of your time trying to find the right utensils as opposed to making dinner, then your kitchen is begging for a redo. Freshen it up with an organizational system so you can spend more time enjoying your food, not finding the can opener.

You’re Struggling to Sell Your Home

Which room is usually the most popular for potential homebuyers? The kitchen, hands down. An upgraded kitchen is a wise investment that will capture the hearts of many would-be homeowners. Make sure your appliances are newer, the lighting is bright, and the space is as tidy as possible. The investment oftentimes pays for itself!

Your Family is Bigger

Whether your family has grown or you have more friends visiting and spending more time with you these days, a cramped kitchen makes it hard for loved ones to congregate and enjoy one another’s company. If this is the case for you, your kitchen is probably in need of a makeover – even knocking down a wall to create a more open space can make a big difference!

You Just Don’t Want to Be There

Does your kitchen make you cringe every time you see it? Do you find yourself working as quickly as possible to assemble your sandwich or sneak a snack, just so you can eat it elsewhere? Let’s work on fixing that. Take baby steps first to see if you’ll begin falling in love a little more with the space. If that doesn’t work, try bigger changes until you have a kitchen that makes you sigh dreamily when you shuffle in to make your morning coffee. Have we missed any important tips? Let us know in the comments below! If you’ve been having a hard time selling your home, let us cook up a plan for you. Trust the experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties to sell your property! Call us at either (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started.


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