9 Handy Tips to Keep Pesky Bugs Away in the Fall and Winter

tips to keep bugs out of your house for fall

Fall is the perfect time of the year to indulge in your favorite autumnal treats, break out those luxurious blankets, and cozy up by the fireplace. If you just heaved a dreamy sigh of content, you’re not alone. Plenty of insects and pests have this very thought on their minds and are all about finding a nice, warm spot to snuggle up and get through the impending winter. If you’re not careful, they could find their way into your home and right up alongside you.

Take control now and tell those creepy crawlies to bug off by following these 9 easy preventative measures!

Seal Up Cracks and Openings

Even the tiniest of cracks or holes pose as a miniature “WELCOME!” sign to insects and other pests. Strike while the weather is still temperate to inspect your home’s perimeter and seal up any openings you find with caulking and weather-stripping. Check the doors, windows, near the gutters, and around the foundation, electrical lines, and pipes for any air leaks and holes. Insulation can also be a huge help in keeping those pesky bugs outside where they belong!

Keep the Kitchen Tidy

Insects and humans might be more alike than we’d want to admit. After all, who doesn’t love lumbering into the kitchen in search of a tasty late-night snack? Bugs certainly do, which is why it’s imperative to keep your kitchen picked up and clean. Wipe the counters every day to avoid leaving a miniature smorgasbord for insects to feast on at night. If you’re not doing so already, make it a rule to always put food away and clean your dirty dishes every evening. This will leave insects hungry and discourage them from taking up residence in your kitchen!

Minimize Moisture

Have you checked your faucets and pipes recently? You’ll want to ensure that you dry up the damp areas in your home as much as possible – otherwise insects like silverfish, springtails, and house centipedes might make them their new watering hole. Fix any leaky drains, pipes, or faucets in your home, and absorb excess moisture by running a dehumidifier. Doing so won’t just deter bugs, but it will also help prevent mold from forming!

Clean the House Regularly

We know, cleaning is exactly zero fun, but it’s important if you want to keep your home pest-free! Clean and run the vacuum once a week, empty out the trash cans regularly, spruce up the bathroom, and work on removing clutter and stacks of papers from your rooms and closets (bugs love hiding in them!).

Check What You Bring Inside

Insects are highly-skilled hitchhikers. Give them a heavy jacket or some firewood lying outdoors for a while and they will find a way to sneak in and become your newest roommates. Beat them at their own game and evict them before you even bring them inside by thoroughly checking everything first. Homeowner: 1, insects: 0.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Branches and limbs that extend over your roof or brush up against your house are never a good idea. Not only will they act as natural bridges for inquisitive critters and insects hoping to gain entry into your home, but they can also pose as a safety issue whenever the next storm rolls through town. Take action now while the weather is still warm enough and prune the plants on your property!

Clean Up Your Yard and Garage

In medieval times, castles were often surrounded by moats as a way to keep intruders out. You can effectively construct your own type of moat, no shovel or errant crocodiles required! Just clean up the leaves, mulch, wet soil, and other common fall materials in the yard. This will give insects and other pests fewer hiding places, which will force them to seek shelter elsewhere!

Protect Your Chimney

Here’s a terrifying scenario for you: you’re downstairs in the basement watching TV when all of a sudden you notice a few wasps wandering around aimlessly and bumping into the lights overhead. After you get rid of the invaders, you’re probably wondering how the heck those pests found their way into your home, let alone the basement. As odd as it might sound, you’ll want to check your chimney. If it doesn’t have a cap and screen, birds, mice, and the aforementioned nightmare fuel can sneak into your home and wreak havoc.

Store Food in Tightly-Sealed Containers

Say “sayonara” to clothespins and bags – if you want to really keep bugs out, you should start storing your food in sealed storage containers. Not only do they help keep hungry bugs like weevils out, but they also make organization a breeze! If you have a pet or enjoy feeding the birds, you’ll also want to store their food in their own sealed containers.

Did we miss any tips? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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