Unpacking: How to Maximize Home Storage

Unpacking boxes

Congratulations on moving into a new home – what an exciting time to be alive! There are many possibilities ahead of you and one of those is where to put everything. Before you move any of those boxes off the truck, consider developing a strategy. You don’t want to get caught up with clutter right away. Here are 6 unpacking tips to maximize home storage.

Identify the Obvious Storage Spaces

Start by going room to room in order to make a mental or written note of the places that are clearly storage spaces. The obvious ones will include closets, shelves, counters, and drawers. There are so many benefits to each, but especially with closets. Closets can be customized for almost any use like storing clothes, linens, and food.

Start with the Kitchen

Speaking of food, people spend more time in the kitchen than most other rooms. That means it should take priority when you’re unpacking. Break out all of your dishes, utensils, gadgets, and appliances to find the best location for them. If you had a difficult time finding items before the move, take advantage of this opportunity to organize ahead of time. Fill the cabinets, drawers, and utilize counterspace accordingly.

Move to the Bedrooms

The bedrooms are up next! Unpack your wardrobe, jewelry, and other personal belongings. In the master, the placement of the bed is important as it could give you extra floor space for dressers and shelving units. Once those systems are packed, along with the closets, consider purchasing rolling storage boxes for underneath the bed. Guest bedrooms are perfect for miscellaneous articles and spare beds/furniture.

Continue with the Bathroom

It takes skill to perfectly arrange a bathroom. If there’s a closet, store your towels on the middle shelf with the cleaning supplies above and the toilet paper/tissues below. Plungers or scrub brushes can sit in their holders on the floor. For those without closet space in the bathroom, invest in shelving units that can withstand moisture. You can also purchase smaller shelves for the shower itself to hold soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

Don’t Forget the Living Room

With most of the essentials now unpacked, it’s time to revisit the living room. A lot of reading and TV watching will occur here so determine where the furniture will go first. Then decide on the placement of bookshelves and an entertainment center. Entertainment centers come with shelves and cabinets where you can hold your TV, movies, gaming station, and much more. A bookshelf’s purpose is obvious, but you can also use one to hold picture frames, knickknacks, and overflow from your DVD or video game collection, too.

Locate Other Storage Areas

Your house is filling up quickly but the truck still has a few pieces of property left inside. It’s a good thing that basements are known for storing anything and everything. Garages and sheds are incredibly useful as well. These spaces can easily hold workout equipment, recreational games like pool, lawncare equipment, tools, and other items you don’t mind not seeing every day.

For Those Considering a Move

Still thinking about making a move? If you’re not quite ready to pack up all your things because you have to find your dream home, let The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties assist you. View our listings online and call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298.

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