6 Tips for Creating a Cozy, Romantic Window Seat

winter decorationsIf we had to pick the dreamiest spot in the house, there’s no place we love more than the ever-romantic window seat. Whether you want to curl up in front of a bay window with your favorite book or drink in a snowy scene, we have some great ideas to help you design a swoon-worthy window seat. Check out our 6 tips below!

Take Advantage of Empty or Awkward Spaces

Let’s say your home doesn’t currently have any window seats. There’s nothing stopping you from creating your own! These special spots are often created out of the “leftover” spaces in the home, whether it’s storage areas or that oddball corner you’re not sure what to do with. Draw up some plans to create a window seat with an architect or simply place a chic storage bench or chest of drawers in front of your favorite lookout.

Cozy it up with Cushions

Let’s face it – when you add cushions to a window seat, you’re bound to use it more. Whether you choose a single cushion that spans the entire seat or a few individual cushions, you’ll love daydreaming the day away in your new favorite spot. Of course, you can always skip the cushion entirely and add a few decorative throw pillows to create some interest. You can also stretch out and prop your feet up with an ottoman or stool!

Think Storage

If you’re into maximizing your space, think about what lies underneath the seat! Built-in storage works perfectly for giving larger items or even your softest blankets the perfect home. Low-cost solutions like baskets may be the answer you’re looking for to store toys, magazines, and other items under your window seat. Dress it up by adding some beautiful trim work or wainscoting!

Bring the Outdoors In

Want to transform your space into an inviting retreat? Add a couple of dreamy houseplants! Surrounding yourself with elements from the outdoors has been shown to help reduce stress and relieve anxiety and depression. Welcome a low-maintenance philodendron, a chic succulent, or a lovely peace lily into your home to reap the benefits!

Add Elements of Whimsy

This is especially useful for bedroom or attic window seats. Beautiful pendant lighting can help brighten up an attic space, and sheer drapery adds charm to any bedroom nook. You may find that you’ll never want to leave!

Dress up the Windows (or Not)

Last but definitely not least is the pièce de résistance – the windows themselves. Drapes, shades, or shutters can both provide you with privacy and add the finishing touch to your space. Of course, you can always forgo the window treatments. Window seats are all about the view, after all!

If you’re picturing yourself sprawled out on a window seat in your dream home, we’ve got great news. The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties can help make your dream a reality! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started.

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