11 Smart Tips for Moving in the Winter

winter moving tipsMoving to a new home can be both an exciting and a daunting endeavor, no matter the season. However, making the transition during the cold, darker days of winter can be more difficult for numerous reasons. By following a few crucial tips, though, you can find yourself snuggled up safely in your new home in no time! Here are our 11 most vital tips for moving in the winter:

Organize and Label Ahead of Time

While you should do this regardless of the season, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible in the winter. Organizing and labeling properly (and well ahead of time) helps eliminate unnecessary stress. To make your move even faster and more effective, have an idea where everything needs to go in your new home as well.

Monitor the Weather Closely

As we all know, the weather can often be unpredictable in the winter. Check the forecast well before the big day, and keep frequent tabs on it when moving day comes. Should the weather make a turn for the worse, consider calling the moving company and delaying or rescheduling your move. Better to be safe than get caught in a blizzard!

Take Care of Your Pets First

Moving is a stressful time for your pets, and you definitely wouldn’t want them to accidentally get loose and run out of the house, especially in inclement weather. Take them to a warm, secure place before the movers arrive to keep them safe. Better yet, consider asking a relative to watch them or boarding them for the day. Your pets will appreciate it!

Prepare Your Vehicle

You might not think getting your car winterized has much to do with moving, but it can play a key role! Make an appointment to have your car serviced, including having all of your fluids topped off and the brakes and tires checked. On moving day, pack some essentials like extra windshield fluid, salt or kitty liter in case you get stuck, a good snow shovel and ice scraper, plenty of winter gear, a warm blanket, water, and non-perishable snacks. This is especially important if you’re moving far away!

Think Layers

It’ll probably be quite cold outside on moving day, but you’ll work up a sweat as you go. Dress in layers so you can easily shrug them off if you get too warm. Don’t forget to wear waterproof or slip-proof boots, especially in wet weather!

Keep the Heat Off

We know you’re biting at the bit to warm up in your new space, but don’t turn on the heat just yet! A lot of the warmth will escape as the movers bring your things out of the truck and into the house. With that said, do create a warm room by leaving a space heater on a low setting in the bathroom or a different small room. You’ll at least have one spot in which you or the movers can warm up during breaks!

Protect the Floors

Let’s face it, floors will get messy with all the slush, snow, and mud that comes with the winter. Avoid tracking in a mess by covering the floors in both your old and your new home with large pieces of cardboard, plastic sheeting, or drop cloths in high traffic areas. Do your best to secure them so no one will accidentally trip!

Clear Snow from Walkways

Let’s say the walkways are unfortunately covered in snow – or worse, ice. If you don’t treat them before moving furniture into your new home, someone could get seriously hurt (and your items damaged as well). If this is the case, do your best to clear the sidewalks and walkways with the help of salt, shovels, and snow blowers. Your movers will thank you!

Be Extra Careful with Temperature-Sensitive Items

Your fragile items should always be treated with great care, but this goes double in the winter. We recommend double-packing fragile items since they’ll be much easier to break in transit during the winter. If not, you may find yourself with old china cracked by the cold. This applies to houseplants, too – while you won’t want to wrap them in bubble wrap, you’ll want to keep them as warm as possible.

Keep Hot Drinks on Hand

Help your spirits stay high and make the move go by a little easier with a nice hot drink! Keep a crockpot of hot apple cider or hot chocolate simmering in the kitchen for you and the movers to enjoy. Of course, hot tea and coffee will do the trick as well!

Be Flexible and Patient

When moving in the winter, exercising a healthy dose of patience and flexibility is key to make the transition successful. Plan out your route in advance, but prepare to make changes as you go in case of bad weather. Additionally, allow for extra travel time to help you arrive at your destination safely. Having a solid contingency plan with your moving company in case of inclement weather is also a good idea!

Packing and moving may be stressful, but buying or selling homes shouldn’t be. Trust the experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties to help you find the perfect home! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to get started today!

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