4 Home Adjustments for Daylight Saving Time’s End

Daylight Saving Time Fall Back

After months of waking up an hour earlier each morning, our clocks are turning back to their normal hours. That’s right – instead of “springing forward” it’s now time to “fall back.” While some say we’ve now gained an hour of sleep, it’s really just something new to get used to. How can you make it work? Here are 4 home adjustments for Daylight Saving Time’s end.

Change Your Clock Ahead of Time

Hindsight is 20/20 but Daylight Saving Time (DST) ended on a Sunday. That means you had plenty of time to get ready beforehand. If you didn’t change your clocks back on that prior Friday night to wake up earlier on Saturday, then try it this upcoming weekend. You could also just wake up an hour earlier than you normally would at any time. Either way, catch up on your sleep ASAP.

Move Toward the Light

This is not what it sounds like. In this case, moving toward the light just means soaking up as much of it as possible. According to WebMD, a theory of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is that less sunlight during fall and winter leads to the brain making less serotonin. Modify the current lighting situation in your home by adding lamps, mirrors, or even string lights. It’s best to avoid sitting in the dark when it’s already gloomy outside.

Blanket Your Windows

Speaking of light, the only place you don’t want it is in your eyes when you first wake up. Even though your schedule has changed, the sun’s has not. An “earlier” sunrise will now cause more sunlight to creep through your blinds in the mornings. That’s why we recommend blanketing your windows with thicker curtains. Not only will it help you stay in bed later, but it will also keep the cold air from entering through your windows as the temperature drops.

Adjust Your Thermostat

While the microwave and oven were probably the first appliances with a clock you turned back for DST, did you consider checking the thermostat? This is especially important for programmable ones as they self-adjust during the times you schedule. If you don’t make the change, your home and body will feel out of sync until you do.

Remember to plan ahead of time when it comes to DST, just like you should be doing when it comes to selling your home. That’s why you need to call the experts at The Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298. We’ll make life much easier for you.

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