5 Creative Ideas for Collecting Leaves

5 Creative Ideas for Collecting Leaves

Fall is officially here as the temperature begins to cool down and Halloween decorations start to turn up. A not-so-positive sign of the season changing for homeowners, however, is when all the leaves start to descend from their trees. Why is this? Every year, we choose to make raking feel like one big chore. Not anymore! The Massey Team is here for you with 5 creative ideas for collecting leaves.

Jack-O’-Lantern Lawn Bags

While effective for our lawncare needs, lawn bags are entirely boring. That’s why you need to add a splash of Halloween to your yard with jack-o’-lantern lawn bags! More than likely, you’re already decorating the home and yard for October 31st. Make it a two-for-one by combining these tasks.

Collection Competition

Don’t want to have all the fun to yourself when picking up the leaves this fall? Make it into a competition. Purchase multiple leaf scoops at your local hardware store and see who can collect more leaves in the fastest amount of time. Your children will have a blast with this game, especially if you let them jump into the biggest pile afterwards.

Toy Gardening Tools

Speaking of kids – let your little helper assist you with raking by buying them some tools of their own. There are plenty of toy gardening sets out there with safe-to-use instruments. Don’t forget to pay them back with plenty of hot chocolate and snuggles to warm up after a hard day’s work.

Mow the Lawn

Here’s a way to completely avoid picking up the leaves altogether – mow the lawn. Mowers with bags make it that much easier to move leaves from the ground to the yard waste bins. Mulchers make it even simpler as the leaves are shredded and then used as mulch for your yard.

Lay Down Tarps

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Get ahead of the game by laying down several tarps below your trees. The leaves will fall directly onto the tarps and never even touch your grass. Start folding from the corners when enough leaves have landed and create your own makeshift lawn bag. Remember to use stakes or weights so everything doesn’t blow away!

What did we miss? Let us know how you’re collecting leaves this fall in the comments below!

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