6 Ways to Decorate Seasonally (Without Going Overboard)

how to decorate seasonally without going overboardWhen your favorite season arrives, you just want to celebrate. As a homeowner, that usually involves decorating with timely, themed pieces strategically placed around your space. But how much is too much? How can your tell if your zeal is getting a little out of hand? Check out our tips below to help you decorate tastefully for your favorite times of the year!

Scale it Back

We know you want to set out every single seasonal decoration you own, but we urge you to resist! A hodgepodge of adornments can come off as tacky (and even cause anxiety). Instead, select your favorite pieces and place them thoughtfully throughout your home to welcome in the new time of year. Remember, don’t hinder your space’s functionality for the sake of decorating!

Keep Consistent with a Theme

Your living room might puzzle your visitors if they see pieces from different seasons, styles, or even decades bunched together. To keep your décor looking classy and sleek, we suggest sticking to a theme. That doesn’t mean putting out nothing but pumpkins everywhere throughout your home, though! Decorate around certain color schemes or textures (like rustic, for example) to keep things more uniform and manageable.

Swap, Don’t Add

To help keep your space looking streamlined yet properly adorned, go ahead and swap out your décor in favor of the season. This will help ensure that your space doesn’t look too cramped! Think pillows, throws, fake foliage, and more. As an example, switch out some of your everyday items for the fall in favor of pieces in red, orange, gold, or brown to give your home an autumnal look.

Look to Your Mother for Help

We mean Mother Nature, by the way – after all, Mother knows best! Take cues from nature to determine how you might like to decorate. When flowers are blooming, take inspiration from the world outside and bring in a few of your favorites to create an eye-catching bouquet on your kitchen table. As fall rolls around, decorate with gourds, pinecones and acorns in a cute bowl, or a few choice sticks to recreate that seasonal feeling.

Decorate with Purpose

This tip kind of ties in with what we mentioned earlier in keeping things streamlined in your home. When you’re preparing to decorate for the season, remember that less is truly more. One well-placed, well-made decoration makes a much larger impact than a bunch of small, forgettable knick-knacks!

Donate What You Don’t Need

If you find yourself hauling boxes upon boxes of decorations up from the basement, then you might be putting out too many seasonal items. Go through your decorations and pull out the ones that have lost their charm to you. If they’re in good condition, donate them so others can adorn their spaces with them!

At the end of the day, your home should reflect your personal style and make you happy, so choose the things you love and display them with pride!

How do you like to welcome in the seasons and holidays? Did we miss any pivotal tips? Please let us know in the comments below!

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