What Does Your Kitchen Say About Your Personality?

country kitchenThey say the heart of the home is the kitchen, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s where family and friends gather to share a meal and connect with one another. We often spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it isn’t surprising that this important space often reflects our personality and tastes. Have you thought about what your kitchen says about you? See if yours embodies your characteristics!

You Have a Traditional Kitchen

Think we’re gonna say you’re boring? Guess again. You’re an elegant individual with a taste for the classics. Reserved upon first meeting, you warm quickly to new people and enjoy making good homemade food for the people you love. As a cook, you’re efficient and don’t like to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

Your Stove Has a Huge Range

You don’t just enjoy making a bold statement – you also really love having people over. You’re a caring, charismatic host who enjoys providing an array of snacks and exquisite appetites for game nights or holiday meals. When you’re not busy entertaining, you might be found scrolling through Pinterest.

You Have a Country-Style Kitchen

You’re all about comfort, and the kitchen is where you feel most at home. You’re a laidback, welcoming individual who has plenty of snacks on hand for any visitor who stops by. You love taking care of others, especially with food, and your family and friends always feel relaxed in your home.

Your Kitchen is Minimalistic

You’re a no-nonsense person who knows exactly what you want. Precise and methodical, you like to work without distraction and stick to the essentials. To you, your kitchen is but a blank canvas, ready for you to paint (well, cook) the perfect masterpiece for all to savor.

Your Cooking Takes Place on the Island

Does your island feature a stovetop? If you find yourself doing a great majority of the cooking away from the wall, then you like to be the center of attention. Like a renowned hibachi chef, you enjoy putting on a show for your friends and family as you whip up your latest culinary creation for them. You love binge-watching Master Chef and The Great British Baking Show.

There’s an Attached Breakfast Nook with Seating in Your Kitchen

If this sounds like your kitchen, then you’re quite the busy bee. You enjoy new adventures and aren’t one to turn down a challenge. Throughout your hectic life, however, you always make time for yourself and the ones you love the most.

You Have Exposed Shelves

You’re in touch with your emotions and have a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve. Honest to a fault, you believe that a clear line of communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. You have a penchant for organization and love to see your things looking neat and tidy.

You Have an All-White Kitchen

You like to have things in order, which means you’re not a believer in clutter. You work hard to keep your space clean and full of the things that give you joy – in fact, you’re more than likely a Marie Kondo fan. Time-oriented and competitive though you are, you’ll always take time to throw open the curtains and bask in the natural light every morning.

You Have a Black Kitchen

You are a creative person who loves to experiment with new recipes. You like to take things at your own pace and have no space for drama in your life. Although you enjoy standing out from the crowd once in a while, you prefer to work behind the scenes in most areas of your life.

Your Kitchen Features Bold Colors with Eclectic Accessories

Whether your cooking space is painted electric blue, flamingo pink, or a combination of lavender and goldenrod, you march to the beat of your own drum. You know what you like and enjoy expressing yourself through paint and décor choices. You pay little attention to the trends and stick to what you love!

You’re a Fan of Tile

Calm, collected, and maybe a bit shy, you’re a tentative person who thinks before you speak. You’re very tactile and enjoy feeling your bare feet pad across the chilled kitchen floor on a hot summer morning. You’re a passionate person who cares deeply for your friends and family.

Your Island Has a Seating Option

If this sounds like your cooking space, then you really enjoy being home. Comfort is key to you – if you had to pick, you would choose to live life in pajamas, hoodies, and your comfiest yoga pants. You love having friends over all the time and chatting with them about nearly anything, especially over a batch of homemade cookies.

What’s your kitchen like? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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