8 Easy Ways You Can Be a Good Neighbor

how to be a good neighborWe often like to talk about what makes a perfect home – an ideal square-footage, the perfect amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, and, of course, location. This includes your future neighbors as well. A close-knit neighborhood is beneficial in many ways – in fact, studies have shown that they are often happier, safer places that tend to retain residents for longer.

Whether you’re the new kid on the block or wondering what you can do to improve the community you’ve lived in for years, there are many little things you can do to benefit those who live around you. Here are 8 simple ways you can become a good neighbor:

Be a Knowledgeable Welcome Wagon

Remember when you moved into the neighborhood? You probably didn’t know anyone or whom to turn to for home services. Take a few moments to introduce yourself to the newcomers! Go the extra mile by giving them a welcome basket full of treats, a bottle of wine, and a small housewarming gift. Within that basket, include a sheet of contact information for the local handyman or lawn-mowing service, along with suggestions on the best restaurants in town!

Maintain Your Curb Appeal

It only takes one unattractive home to reduce the property value for other houses in the neighborhood. Don’t be that person. Take pride in your home and keep up its appearance! This means mowing the lawn and tending to overgrown plants and shrubs. Keep your gutters and windows clean, take care of any exterior issues that may pop up, and keep your yard tidy.

Be a Conscientious Pet Owner

No one likes to listen to dogs barking for hours on end, no matter what time of the day (or night) it is. If you have pets, do what you can to help them behave as much as possible. Whenever you take your pup for a walk, remember to clean up after him as well. Consider taking training classes if your dog needs to learn a few etiquette tricks!

Be a Considerate Host

Have friends coming over for a game night? Remember to keep the tunes dialed down to a respectful noise level. Don’t forget to remind your guests about where to park so others can navigate without issue as they go about their day.

Offer to Watch Their House

Whenever your neighbors head out of town for a while, ask them if they need someone to watch over their home. While they’re out, bring in their mail, care for any pets they may have, and water the plants. Doing this doesn’t take much time, and your neighbors will likely return the favor!

Take Time to Chat

Too often do we stay inside our homes or hurry out the door to run errands. If you want to be a good, caring neighbor, stop and talk to those living around you once in a while. Shoot the breeze when you’re watering the flowers. Say hello to the family walking their dog after dinner. Ask how your next-door neighbor is whenever you’re taking the trash out. These small interactions will really help build a strong relationship with those around you!

Follow the Rules

Whether you live in an apartment complex or within a homeowners association, it’s important to stick to the rules to keep yourself free from fines and angry neighbors. Review the rules carefully regarding parking, landscaping requirements, trash and recycling, and others to make sure you’re abiding by them correctly.

Lend a Helping Hand

An easy way to be a good neighbor is just being a good person. Be observant and take action when necessary. Is the elderly man struggling to get his groceries inside? Help him bring them in and offer to put them away. Did it snow a lot overnight? Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk after you finish clearing your own. Is the person across the street trying to clean their gutters or hang holiday lights? Keep the ladder steady for them.

Finding your ideal home and neighborhood can be a bit tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Let the Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties be your guide! Call us today at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to learn more, or visit us at www.dianamasseyhomes.com to view our listings!

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