8 Ideas On What To Do With That Extra Room

Real photo of a colorful room interior with a desk, sewing machine and threadsWhether you’ve just lost a roommate or you’ve found yourself living in a bigger living space – you’ll most likely gain an extra room. Not quite sure what to do with it? Sure, you could use it as a storage space… but where’s the fun in that? Here are 8 ideas of what to do with that extra room in your house.

Prepare for Guests

Let’s get the most obvious answer out of the way first. Turn that extra room into a guest room! More than likely, you’re going to have someone who needs a place to crash. For those of you with large couches, yes, that is also an option. However, you’ve got the space, so why not share it?

Start a Home Office

Remember when your boss said you can work from home? Well, now that the spare room finally opened up, you can have your own home office. Get the essentials like a desk, swivel chair, and that spikey floor mat. Then, make it your own space. Just make sure to have your back to the wall instead of the door so you don’t end up like this guy!

Pursue a Hobby in Crafting

When it comes to crafts, think about taking up sewing, knitting, and crocheting, to name a few. Start with a large table for a sizeable workspace. Next, your back will thank you later when you purchase a comfy chair. Then, find your supplies at local hobby or crafts store. Decorate the room with past projects and make room for new ones, too.

Get Instrumental

Don’t put your old instruments in the basement – put them on the walls! This will be perfect for your new music room. Find those records and CDs you no longer use, too. When they’re not being played, they’ll make a great display. This room will especially come in handy for family bonding moments. If you have children, they can learn to play their first instrument here.

Make it for the Kids

Speaking of children, you can use this extra space as an opportunity to give your younger children another place to play with their toys. It’s a win-win for you and them if you have a better chance to keep the mess in one room. Hopefully you don’t step on anymore building blocks in the living room. You can also get creative here with paint and wallpaper. What’s your child’s favorite movie or book right now? Make it just for them.

Spoil Your Pets

If you have pets, then why not spoil them? For cats, an extra room is perfect for storing their kennel, toys, beds, scratchers, and even their litter boxes. For dogs, they’ll need a space for their kennel, beds, and toys, too! It’s a bonus if that extra room is connected to the backyard because you can install a doggie door. This will give your dog access to getting outside even when you’re not home.

Bring the Big Screen Home

You’ve seen it before when you were house hunting, but you never thought you’d be the one with the home theater. Well, now it’s possible! Grab the biggest screen you own or invest in a mounted projector. Rearrange a few of the bookshelves to store DVDs along with your favorite loveseat for your viewing pleasure.

Get Ripped at Home

Last, but certainly not least, you can use that extra room to install your very own home gym. It doesn’t take much to get started – just look into pre-owned equipment like treadmills, bar bells, and others. The best part about having your own gym is that you never have to cancel because of the weather.

What do you think you’ll do with that extra room? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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