4 Easy Ways You Can Flood-Proof Your Yard

rain barrel

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers; however, seemingly endless springtime rain can herald some serious damage to your yard, and fast. Flooding isn’t just an eyesore – it can also kill any overly saturated grass and, depending on the proximity to your home, may also cause water damage in your basement.

Don’t let the springtime storms rain on your parade. Protect your home and yard with these 4 easy tips!

Create a Rain Garden – Have a low spot in your yard that tends to become your own private pond after heavy rains? Bolster it with some colorful, water-loving plants! Rain gardens are environmentally friendly and they can give you beautiful curb appeal. Choose native plants that soak up water like Stokes aster, Louisiana iris, Black-eyed Susans, sweetspire, and spider lily. When you create your rain garden, be sure to place the plants with the highest wet soil tolerance in the center to allow the rain to percolate the ground slowly and evenly.

Use Heavier Mulch – How many times have you had to head outside, rake in tow, to clean up the mulch chips that heavy rainfall scatters? Well, you can put a stop to that by using heavier mulch in your garden areas! We suggest avoiding pine mulch and trying something more akin to hardwood mulches. Some brands create chips out of man-made materials, making it a low maintenance choice for homeowners.

Divert the Rain Creatively – While you can certainly divert the rain away from your home by using a long downspout, you can always feel free to get a bit more creative. Good with landscaping or looking for a new side project? Try making your very own waterfall or stream. Looking out more for the environment? Installing a rain barrel might be more up your alley!

Install Permeable Pavers – Have you noticed water sitting for days on your walkways, patio, deck, or driveway? Then we have the perfect solution – permeable paving stones and grout. This type of landscape will help drain the water back into the ground and keep your walkways puddle-free!

How do you keep your yard safe from flooding? Have we missed any tips? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!


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