Haunted Houses – Would You Say Good Buy or Good-Bye?

would you buy a haunted house?

It’s that time of the year again! Throughout our neighborhoods, we can see countless homes bedecked with fall and Halloween decorations. Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns dot patios and stairs, ghost clings haunt storm doors and trees, and skeletons dance in the windows of our homes. This time of the year is exceptionally spooky with the arrival of fall, shorter days, and, of course, Halloween, and Americans love decorating their homes in celebration of the holiday.

While your home might look like a haunted house and you probably feel at home, would you really ever consider buying a real haunted house?

According to the 2013 Haunted Housing Report from realtor.com, 62% of American homebuyers are open to purchasing a real-life haunted house while 38% said they would walk away from the opportunity as fast as possible!

The study revealed that while a large majority of homebuyers are open to buying a haunted home, many of them will conduct their own research on a home’s history as well. Also, the study also shows that while quite a few Americans would be willing to purchase a haunted house at a discounted price, many say that their deal-breakers include levitating objects, ghost sightings, and seeing objects move from one place to another (and we can’t blame them!).

For those of you who wouldn’t dream of buying a haunted house but still like to get your thrills around this time of the year, there are some haunted locations that you can visit in St. Louis and the Metro East St. Louis region! From the spooky McPike Mansion and the Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton to the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis and the Lincoln Theater in Belleville, you can get your ghostly kicks in without moving to a new home.

So how about you? Would you be open to buying a haunted home? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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