10 Clever Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Large and Luxurious

yellow living roomIf you have a home with small spaces, you know how frustrating it can be to try to feel comfortable and be able to sprawl out. Sometimes it might even feel as if the walls are closing in on you a bit. What can you do to make your home cozy (but not too cramped) for yourself and others and perhaps sell it later on?

Here are 10 tips to help you make any small space in your home feel bigger!

Doll Up the Ceiling – When you’re in a small room or area, you’ll want to draw your eye upward. Try painting or even using a light but playful wallpaper on your ceiling. It won’t just make the room appear taller; it will also help make the space feel bigger.

Give Some Space – It sounds contrary to what you might think is right, but shoving all your furniture against the walls won’t guarantee a larger room. Instead, it will make the space feel cramped. Try pulling the furniture away, even if by just a few inches. Angle your bed or float the sofa in your living room. Adding some breathing room between your furniture pieces can really lend more to your space’s appearance than you might think!

Use Light Colors – Darker colors may make a room seem cozy and chic, but they can make a small room feel cramped, dark, and cold because the color absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Opt for lighter colored flooring and paint colors to make your space feel airy and bright.

Choose a Statement Piece – In a small space, one large couch or chair instead of many smaller sitting areas can actually decrease the cluttered look and make a room feel bigger. Go ahead and put that overstuffed sofa in your living room – you’ll make your room look more spacious and grand (and you’ll be comfy, too!).

Keep the Windows Bare – Light is what helps create spatial depth. Ditch the drapes and either leave your windows uncovered or invest in some sleek Roman shades or bamboo blinds. Your space will look much less crowded this way!

Use Mirrors – Want to make your small room appear more spacious quickly? Hang up a mirror or two! You can place a large mirror opposite a window, or you can lean an oversized full-length mirror against a wall. Multiple small mirrors work as well (just don’t go wall-to-wall!).

Follow The Cantaloupe Rule – When you’re decorating a small space, remember one key rule – decorations that are smaller than the size of a cantaloupe will make your room appear crowded and cluttered. Use a few larger decorations instead of many small ones instead!

Use Multifunctional Pieces – How do the people who live in the tiny apartments in New York City or Tokyo manage to make it with such little space? They use pieces that serve multiple purposes! Use a vintage trunk or ottoman as both your footstool and storage to put away blankets and books. Try using a table with detachable leaves to function as your dining space and gaming area. Whatever you choose, make sure that your pieces can serve many purposes!

Expose Those Legs – Picture a space that has a sofa with exposed legs. Now picture a room that features a boxy couch or chair. Which space looks larger? The answer is the one with the exposed legs. Don’t be afraid to show off your furniture’s legs – it will make your room look spacious, inviting, and chic!

Say Sayonara to Overhead Lights – Harsh overhead lighting will pool in one space, making the area look small and uninviting. Avoid overhead lighting and use a few smaller lamps to spread the light all around the room and draw your eyes around the room instead!

We hope that these 10 tips will help you make your small spaces feel like large, inviting rooms fit for royalty! If you find that you’re outgrowing your current home or want a change of pace, the Massey Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Properties has your back. Call us at (618) 791-5024 or (618) 791-9298 to talk to us today or check out our many great listings at www.dianamasseyhomes.com.

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