Do You Know What To Do on a Final Walkthrough? You May Be Missing Something!

final walkthrough tipsIt truly is an exciting time in one’s life to make an offer on the house of his or her dreams and actually claiming possession of it. But did you know that sometimes weeks or even months can pass between the time that you make an offer on your dream house and the day you actually take possession on it?

In that span of time, all sorts of occurrences can happen in the home and affect its condition. Maybe the fridge, which was on its last leg, finally died. Perhaps a family member accidentally spilled red wine on the living room’s beautiful, spotless white carpet. Or perhaps a bad storm caused a large limb from a nearby looming tree to crash into the roof.

That’s why it’s vital for you to do a final walkthrough before the house officially becomes yours, because with that house comes all the unnoticed or unrepaired problems, which will be all yours to take care of!

Not sure what to look for during the walkthrough? No problem! Here is a checklist to help you check the different parts in the home:

Outside the Home:

*Inspect the exterior – this includes the roof, shutters, trim, siding, and so on.

*Check the grounds to see if the trees and landscaping are the same as when you made the offer.

*Inspect the driveway and any walkways or sidewalks.


Inside the Home:

Interior Rooms (bedrooms, living, dining, family rooms, etc.)

*Open, close, lock, and unlock all the doors and windows. Check for missing or damaged window screens and damage to the doors.

*Inspect the floors, walls, and ceilings for any water damage and physical damage since you made your offer.

*Inspect the carpets.

*Inspect the closets. Make sure they are all cleaned out.


*Make sure the fridge works.

*Make sure the dishwasher works.

*Turn on the oven and the stove’s burners, and test the light and fan on the range hood.

*Check the garbage disposal.

*Test any other appliances

*Check for clogged drains and for any leaks, and run both hot and cold water in the sink.


*Run the water in the sink to check the water pressure, and check under the sink for leaks as the water runs.

*Turn on the faucets in the tub or shower.

*Check for clogged drains.
*Turn on the exhaust fan if there is one.

*Flush the toilet.

Utility Room – Make sure the washer and dryer work!

Garage – Test the automatic door opener, and open, close, lock, and unlock any and all doors.

Attic and basement – Check to make sure there is no visible mold, let alone any areas that are damp or smell musty.

Electrical system

*Test each light switch.

*Test each ceiling fan and exhaust fan.

*Test the electrical outlets.

Heating and cooling systems –Make sure the heat and air conditioning work by testing the thermostat.


*Be sure that no trash or debris has been left behind.

*Check that the previous owner has made good on all the agreed-upon repairs.

*Ring the doorbell. You need to know when you have visitors to see your new house!

*Test the security system if there is one. Be sure that it has your phone number as the designated contact.

*Test all railings in the home.

*Make sure the fireplace is clean if there is one.

*Be sure you have all of the owner’s manuals for the major appliances such as the furnace, a/c, fridge, and so on.

*Take your time. Your goal is to make sure that the house is in the same condition as when you made your offer. If you took pictures when you toured the home, take those pictures along with you in the final walkthrough for comparison.

If you have further questions about a final walkthrough or if you are wanting to find your dream home, call us here at The Massey Team at (618) 791-5024 or at (618) 791-9298. Visit us also at our website at to see available dream homes in a neighborhood near you!

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